Sheepfold Prayer House

The Sheepfold Prayer House is located outside the gates of the Laurel Ridge Community, just down the road–a five minute walk–from the gates of the Community of the Cross.

The Sheepfold Prayer House was built in 2016 as a place of prayer and to house intercessors and PRMI teaching and leadership faculty and guests of the ministry.

The Sheepfold House is an extension of the Community of the Cross, a ministry of Presbyterian Reformed Ministries International (PRMI).

This house was a gift from Mrs. Beth Osgood with the express purpose of being a place of prayer and religious retreat, following Dick and Beth’s heart of offering gracious hospitality in service of the Kingdom of God. 

The Sheepfold House

Staying at the Sheepfold Prayer House

Staying at the Sheepfold Prayer House will provide you with a quiet place of prayer, relaxation, and a place to quiet yourself and encounter the Lord.

As you enter the house, the living room and fire place will give you a great area for devotions and prayer.  On either side are the bedrooms, each with a bathroom.

The Master Bedroom, with the queen size bed, has a private bathroom.  The bedroom with the two twin beds has the bathroom that is shared with the rest of the house (though a hallway door).

Sheepfold Prayer House Bedroom and Living room collage

You’ll find a kitchen that you can use, though you will be responsible for your own food and supplies.

Laundry facilities are available for you to use.

As part of staying at the Sheepfold Prayerhouse, you will be responsible for the care and cleanliness of it.

Kitchen At the Sheepfold Prayer House


Scheduling for prayer gatherings, meetings and guest stays must go through the PRMI office.

Each request is subject to review with established guidelines for use.

Sheepfold House may not be used by anyone for any purpose that is contrary to the ministry and guidelines for the Community of the Cross, or for any purpose that does not further the vision of PRMI.


The Sheepfold Prayer house falls under the ministry and guidelines set for the Community of the Cross, which is to be a “Place of Encounter with Jesus Christ for Prayer, Equipping and Sending.”

Ministry offered at the Sheepfold Prayer House will be offered at no charge.

But you are invited to give an offering to PRMI as led by the Holy Spirit to meet the expenses of maintaining the Sheepfold Prayer House and extending the ministry of PRMI.

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