Healing Week at the Community of the Cross

Jesus Christ had a ministry of healing. He continues that ministry through us in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Healing Week at the Community of the Cross is a place where you can receive healing prayer from a team of people who are ready and willing to pray with you.

You may apply to attend one day or multiple days.

Each day of the healing prayer week begins at 9am and includes time of worship, an extended time of prayer in a confidential setting with a small team, time to spend time alone with Jesus while walking the trials or taking advantage of set-aside prayer places, and shared meals (lunch and dinner).

Healing prayer teams are composed of those who have been through PRMI’s advanced healing and deliverance training.

Perhaps you need or want healing prayer in any of these six areas:

The Healing Week at the Community of the Cross is a unique pulling together of the different elements of prayer, worship, fellowship, with prayer ministry teams that provides the context for cooperating with the Holy Spirit in Jesus’ healing ministry.

In the New Testament we find that Jesus works in six different forms of healing.

  • The first is spiritual healing, which restores our relationship with God the Father and brings us into the Kingdom of God.  This is always Jesus’ priority.
  • Inner healing, which restores the wounding effects of our own sin and being sinned against.
  • Relational healing, which brings forgiveness and reconciliation in our relationships, from our own families to races and nations.
  • Physical healing, in which we begin to have a foretaste of the resurrection power of Jesus Christ in our bodies.
  • Healing of the creation, that restores human beings in dominion over the earth, that starts to heal the effects the Fall and to look toward a New Heaven and a New Earth.
  • The final is Jesus’ work of removing evil spirits that through our sin have gained a foothold and are blocking the advancement of the Kingdom of God to every dimension of reality.

At each healing week we have been astonished and delighted to have experienced Jesus Christ working in all these forms of healing. We anticipate the same for this week.

Who can come?

  1. You
  2. Friends and your family as support. They can enjoy the same trails and set-apart prayer places as those receiving prayer.
  3. Members of the DFI as prayer ministers and hospitality servants.

Why is there an application process?

We ask that you submit an application to help us match you with a hand-picked team as we set the prayer schedule for the week and to help us make the best use of limited time and space.

Once your application is reviewed, the PRMI office will contact you with the schedule for your prayer times.


When the next event is open for registration, applications will be available.

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