“I tell you the truth, we speak of what we know, and we testify to what we have seen.” John 3:16

Who says Spiritual Warfare can’t be fun. I am sitting here at 30,000 feet, literally and spiritually speaking, after having just completed the Spiritual Warfare Dunamis in Seattle, WA. Wow! God is amazing!

The plane ride home is a time to reflect and wonder at all that God did during these past few days and to welcome with anticipation what He may be doing in the near future.

Spiritual Warfare is a topic most shy away from, but the Lord really drew me in to this one, creating in me a weird sense of expectancy, and He did not disappoint me at all.

This Dunamis was very interesting to me because I was approaching it as a participant and not an intercessor or part of the team as I usually do. There was great freedom in that.

Time of Worship

Time of Worship

The Seattle team of intercessors and host team are dear friends which made the experience all the richer.

I also had an opportunity to spend some really great fun time with a co-worker, Jeanne Kraak. Jeanne is based in Black Mountain, NC while I am in Atlanta, GA so we don’t get to interact a lot unless I am spending time at the Community of the Cross.

She presented very anointed teaching during the Dunamis and God worked through her in a very powerful way. The other teachers, Mike Neelley and Tom Willcox, are also very anointed and the Holy Spirit moved greatly during all the teaching times.

Rev Tom Willcox

Rev. Tom Willcox Teaching on Spiritual Warfare

What struck me the most was how powerful the personal testimony of a changed life can be. You think you’re good to go, spiritually speaking, then the Lord says “Let’s take a look back at this area of your life.”

Time and time again, the Lord would convict me of my own past when I heard someone talking about how they had been set free from the oppression of the devil because they were able to remove the ground the enemy was standing on through prayer and confession.

With these hidden things that had provided the open door and ground upon which the enemy was standing now brought into the light, the healing and cleansing process could begin.

PRMI does such a good job of explaining the Biblical basis and scriptural foundation of everything they teach.

Then they allow for actual “lab time” in which you get to try out and experience the principles just presented. During both the teaching and the small group time, the power of God’s Word was revealed and captives were set free. The one who the Lord sets free, is free indeed! Amazing. Simply amazing.

Then there was the Prayer Walk time. The Seattle prayer team does such a good job of preparing the environment in which the Holy Spirit can then work in someone’s life.

The Foyer Area - Foster Tukwila Presbyterian Church

Foyer Area – Foster Tukwila Presbyterian Church

This is a time of reflection and soaking in the presence of the Lord. Rooms are transformed into mini-tabernacles in which to sit or lie down and meet with the Lord, meditating on His Word which is active and alive today. A huge amount of personal ministry is accomplished during these times of holy soaking.

Silk Painting by Steve Scheibe

Silk Painting by Steve Scheibe – Water Theme

The Lord moved powerfully Friday night when a pastor received a word from the Lord that we were to “Step out and forward toward Jesus, but not until you see Him standing there – to release the things holding us back or to walk into the fullness of what He had to give us.”

What followed was a powerful time of conviction and new vision being given and spoken over the assembly by the worship leader, Steve Scheibe. A new windshield, free of cracks, bugs, and dirt for me (I had been praying for new vision, new sight to be able to see all the Lord wanted me to see).

Another received the word “Run for me.” He had been a high school cross-country runner in his past and used to run all the time. But he had recently blown out his knee 6 months prior and had had surgery to repair the damage. Yet the Lord wanted him to “Run.” So he did. Tukwila, WA is a wonderful city but one that has enormous hills. After receiving this guidance, this guy went out and proceeded to do 4 hill runs on the street right outside the church and wasn’t even winded!

Silk Painting by Steve Scheibe

Silk Painting by Steve Scheibe

The Saturday afternoon session also ended with a powerful time of anointing and empowerment in the power of the Holy Spirit. Incredible time. What then followed after a short break for supper was approximately 3 hours of non-stop, pure joy and worship in the presence of the Lord. I never stopped smiling and the presence of the Lord was so thick. Gary Wybenga, Director of Fund Development for PRMI, remarked, “I haven’t experienced worship like that in 10 years.”

Sitting in church Sunday morning before we had to leave to go the airport, Pastor Nick Krantz allowed for a time of sharing from those who had attended Dunamis. Several people gave amazing testimony to what God had done. What I will forever remember was the 10 minute gushing testimony of a woman going on and on about how great and anointed the teaching had been, how amazing the prayer ministry and how fortunate they were to have this type of equipping in their backyard. Then she asked when the next one was planned.

The Lord is good. Is there work yet to be done in cleaning out our spiritual houses? Yes. But now I and others know how to do it properly and quickly and get on with the real business the Lord has for us to do – setting other captives free, mending other broken hearts and declaring this as the year of the Lord’s favor!

To find a Dunamis Project being held in an area close to you, please check out the Events page on https://www.prmi.org/events. Have you had an experience with God that you would like to share? If so, please leave a comment below.

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