Does Jesus really continue to do the work of healing and setting people free from evil spirits in the world today? From the joy on the faces of people who have first hand experiences of being restored from deep inner hurts or having evil spirits cast out of them the answer is YES!!!

Evil and hurts are real, but Jesus’ love and power are more real!

How have you experienced Jesus’ healing? If you have a firsthand report of either experiencing healing yourself or participating on a prayer team in which Jesus worked in healing and deliverance then please share that with us. To build up our faith in Jesus and to give him glory please email us your reports. (Please remove any confidential details).

These last two weeks have been a season of healing and deliverance ministry.

On March 16-20 in Montreat, NC there was the second week of our year-long Advanced Healing and Deliverance Course. The students gathered with their mentors for five days.

There was in-depth teaching on topics such as:

  • distinguishing mental illness from demonization,
  • dealing with addictions,
  • healing from sexual abuse,
  • ministering to children,
  • nurturing healing ministry in the local church and
  • how to take care of ourselves as we are engaged in healing ministry.

We need a deep knowledge of such topics as we are engaged in healing and deliverance ministry. But it is more important to understand the amazing dynamic of the Holy Spirit bringing the healing love and power of Jesus into a person’s life. Jesus is the healer.

The Rev. Cindy Strickler, director of this course, is so gifted at nurturing people into this work of cooperating with the Holy Spirit that the teams do almost all the ministry. They return from their small groups with reports of deep healing and restoration taking place in the participants’ lives.

We always give God the glory and offer thanksgiving and praise, but this is a community formed for being taught by the Holy Spirit and so these glorious experiences are often “debriefed” by the whole group.

This means that we carefully analyze what happened both from what we could observe happening to the person and what we could hear happening within us, including the person being ministered to.

This analysis often deepens our wonder at how God is working. We also learn a lot of practical things about human nature and how to cooperate with the Holy Spirit.

This course will conclude in September, 2011.

The next Advanced Healing and Deliverance Course will begin in September 2012 in Black Mountain, NC.

Currently a team from the UK is developing a course to be offered in the UK beginning in the fall of 2012.

There is an application process to participate in one of these advanced ministry courses.


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