We would like to extend to you an invitation to give a “housewarming” gift to the PRMI Log House.  

We have brought out of storage the things that were salvaged from the fire. We have a lot of kitchen things, but not much else.

We need beds, lamps, tables, sheets, towels, pillows, comfortable chairs, and many more things to get the place ready for ministry in 2020.

Vision for Provision

One of our Dunamis Fellowship International members, Lauren Rittman, was at the Community of the Cross on December 7, 2019.

The Lord gave her a vision about furnishing the Log House. I have her permission to share the email she sent.

As I’ve been praying for Dunamis Fellowship International and the Community of the Cross, I saw a vision and I wanted to share it with you for your discernment.

In my vision, I was worshiping in the chapel at the Dunamis Fellowship meeting. I saw people coming in for the conference all bringing gifts.

I asked the Lord, “What were the gifts for?”

He said, “My housewarming!”

Then I saw Suzi opening packages from the mail and squealing with delight as things poured in to decorate and stock the Log House!

After seeing this, I felt led to share that we should register the PRMI Log House on Amazon.com, like a bride or new mother would for a gift registry. People can purchase things for the PRMI Log House from all over the world.

I shared this with Suzi, as I saw her this weekend at the prayer ministry gathering.

She let me know that people had already brought gifts!! That was amazing!

I think the heart of the Dunamis Fellowship wants to provide gifts for the PRMI Log House… as we all see it as some place special and it’s like a “home” to each of us.

So I leave this with you and pray that it is a blessing.

Lauren Rittman
Youth Minister
LaGrange Presbyterian Church

I immediately shared this with the PRMI Leadership Team and we heard a resounding “Yes” to this as being a vision from the Lord.

I want to add that about a month before Lauren received this vision, we had this same suggestion from the couple who gave the matching gift challenge last summer that brought in the funds needed to finish the Log House.

I would say this is confirmation from Holy Spirit filled believers (see discernment test #3).

Your Housewarming Gift

We would like to extend to you an invitation to give a “housewarming” gift to the PRMI Log House.  

There are several ways to participate in the registry.

  1. Purchase the item, it will be shipped directly to PRMI.
  2. Contribute to part of an item (for example if you and a friend would like to help purchase a bed frame, each of you can donate towards the item until it is purchased). Click on the Contribute button.
  3. Certain items are marked as PRIORITY as we need as soon as possible.
  4. Purchase an Amazon gift card, and we can use the gift card to complete our registry.
  5. Share the registry with friends through email and social media.
  6. Help us say thanks – please check the box that says share your contact information with PRMI so we can say thank you. Receipts and items come without names or emails for us to say thanks.

Help us get the word out that we are celebrating the housewarming of the Log House!

Go to the registry and share the link to your social media accounts or share this page in your accounts.

If you make a purchase from the PRMI gift registry, USA-based donors can receive non-cash donation receipts for their gifts.

Note: the registry thinks this is for a wedding, so you’ll see language related to weddings in your browsing and buying process.

Or send a donation instead of an Amazon purchase

If the Lord leads you to send a cash gift instead, please contact the office, send a check or give online and clearly mark it as a housewarming gift for the Log House. 

Cash gifts give us the flexibility to fill out what is needed urgently now (before the PRMI Board of Directors comes January 19 and before the dedication of the Prayer House and Re-dedication of the Log House on January 25, 2020).

Thank you so much for your love and support. It has been a challenging journey since the fire in August 2018. Thank you also for the sacrificial gifts that were sent over the past 18 months to pay for the remodeling.

The PRMI Log House looks beautiful and ready to receive you. Come see us!!

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