As my Wednesday comes to an end and yours begins (S. Korea is 14 hours ahead of Missouri) I’m looking back on another great day.

I had the chance to teach all three major teaching sessions today. The topics were all around Jesus’ patterns and practices in inner healing. God was good and everything went well.


I was especially pleased and impressed with our lab sessions.

The participants in this Dunamis workshop seem motivated and engaged. They get into the lab work with energy and stamina.

There were some good questions. I love fielding good questions. Good questions give me a chance to step out beyond the material in the manual and help someone process what they have learned.

Again, God was good and nothing came up that we couldn’t field.


Perhaps best of all was what just happened a few minutes ago, around 11:00pm.

I was sitting in the lobby of our hotel here in Tanyang where I can get internet access. I was working through some email and an Amazon purchase (more US/Korea adaptors for power) when an elderly pastor walked over to me.

He put his hand on my shoulder and began to pray for me. I don’t know what he prayed, it was all in Korean, but I felt as if love was pouring from his hand into me.

When he finished he said in halting English, “Thank you for your teaching.” I put my hand on his.

He put his other hand on my hand and smiled the biggest smile.

Then he said, “I love you.”

I just squeezed his hand, I’m not sure that I could have said anything even if something appropriate had come to mind. And, it didn’t really seem that anything more needed to be said.

Thank you Lord for this wonderful reminder of what it is like to experience the Father’s heart!


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