“Did you receive the Holy Spirit when you believed?” They answered, “No, we have not even heard that there is a Holy Spirit.” Acts 19:2

Many believers do not know about the Holy Spirit. We must continue to join God in the work He is doing to spread the fame of the Spirit.

We can do this by increasing the number of Dunamis Project tracks offered worldwide.

God has used the Dunamis Project to equip thousands of Christians for dynamic cooperation with the Holy Spirit in the ministry of Jesus Christ.

Together let’s work to engage thousands more.

This year, in the US, we have eight Dunamis tracks running—Palmer, AK; Milford, IA; Flushing, NY; Traverse City, MI; Black Mountain, NC; Grand Rapids, MI; Bellingham, WA; and Holland, MI. We anticipate Ignite events in Allendale, MI; Downingtown, PA; Lower Burrell, PA; Monticello, MN; Portland, OR; Seattle, WA; Rochester, NY; Levittown, PA; and Zeeland, MI.

We currently focus Dunamis efforts in the following global locations—Democratic Republic of Congo, Indonesia, Nigeria, Haiti, South Sudan, Uganda, South Korea, UK, Canada, Nicaragua, and Dominican Republic. We believe God desires a greater reach for the Dunamis Project.

Why would you want to be involved with launching more tracks? Think about how God has used the Dunamis teaching and equipping to transform your life.

Also, consider the great fruit you see as a result of Dunamis:

  •  Churches are blessed with workers committed to Jesus Christ and equipped to support their congregation’s witness and ministries.
  •  New ministries are birthed, such as healing prayer ministry, intercessory prayer, and evangelistic outreach that advance the Kingdom of God and give glory to Jesus Christ.
  •  Prayer support for the pastor and leaders of the church is deepened.
  •  People are better equipped to receive guidance in fulfilling their role in the Kingdom of God.
  •  Jesus Christ is exalted by congregations as they are empowered and directed in following Him.
  •  Depth of love and fellowship grows resulting in the congregation flourishing.

How can we establish more tracks? This will happen only with God’s leadership and your help in praying and financially investing.

1. Pray for our most critical need: trained teachers and track directors.

PRMI is unable to offer new Dunamis Project tracks unless we have anointed and well equipped team members.

The role of the Dunamis Institute is to provide the equipping of the teachers, track directors and intercessors.

Due to the volunteer status of these people, most can only give one or two weeks per year. Currently, our growth is greatly limited by a lack of equipped team members.

2. Pray for open doors.

The invitation to implement a Dunamis Project comes from the Spirit moving in a particular geographic area. Often the Holy Spirit stirs a hunger to grow in deeper faith and experience of Jesus Christ. These moves of the Holy Spirit come at God’s sovereign initiative. Our role is to pray that God will send His Holy Spirit. As Paul requested, “And pray for us, too, that God may open a door for our message, so that we may proclaim the mystery of Christ, for which I am in chains.” Colossians 4:3. Please pray, as led by the Holy Spirit, that He will move in a specific area.

We cannot go where we are not invited. Often it takes just one person to catch the vision to launch a Dunamis Project. Encourage someone to consider launching a track. Maybe that someone is you. If the Spirit is prompting you, please let us know so we may join together and further discern the possibility. You can call any PRMI staff member to begin the process of discernment. On our ministry team the person responsible for keeping track of these open doors is Gary Wybenga. He can be reached at (828) 545-3520 or gary@prmi.org.

3. Pray for leadership discernment.

If an open door comes to our attention, we need to present the opportunity to the right team. That team will discern whether this is the Spirit’s leading, work out the timing and start to assemble a leadership team. Also, they will start to discern the teachers who are best suited to the context and needs of that area.

Please pray for wisdom. We need eyes opened to see what God is calling us to do. May God have His way!

4. Pray for team formation.

Each Dunamis Project requires at least seven people to provide the context for teaching to take place. Those needed include a track director, administrator, hospitality coordinator, worship leader, prayer coordinator, and two teachers who are members of the Dunamis Institute faculty. To be effective, each of these leaders will recruit others to join them. Please pray that Cindy Strickler and Paul Stokes (the Dean of Faculty and the Academic Dean of the Dunamis Institute, respectively) have great wisdom and insight as they oversee the formation of these teams.

5. Consider the opportunity and financially invest.

A terrific amount of staff effort is going toward putting in place the equipping program for those called to join the Dunamis Institute Faculty.

In 2012, we estimate costs to enable the equipping of team members to be $120,000.

The investment is more than justified when you consider that we provide team members for Dunamis Project tracks and Ignite, the Dunamis Video Course for local congregations, Online Moderated Courses, and a wide variety of ministry opportunities.

In addition to the equipping costs, we incur approximately $5,600 in expenses to launch a new Dunamis Project track in the US. We estimate it costs approximately $10,600 to launch a Dunamis Project outside the US. These costs are small in comparison to the great opportunity God gives us. After all, we have the opportunity to reach thousands with the empowering message of the person and work of the Holy Spirit.

Would you consider sending a one-time, generous gift to help us in this equipping of team members and of launching new Dunamis Project tracks? If you know the Holy Spirit’s prompting to invest in this wonderful opportunity, then click HERE or simply mail your gift for general fund support to the PRMI office. Our address is P.O. Box 429, Black Mountain, NC 28711. Should you have any questions, phone Suzi at (828) 669-7373.

May our Lord provide all that is required to equip team members and launch more Dunamis Project tracks globally. May the fame of the Holy Spirit grow.

As always, we are so grateful that God uses you to fulfill His purposes! May you be blessed!