Latin American Dunamis

Imagine being part of a team that trains ministry leaders from 8 different countries in just one setting?

Raising up leaders from within their own countries is part of the work that we get to participate in.

Those ministry leaders oversee other leaders, and with their new  knowledge, they are able to do the basic work of evangelism in the power  of the Holy Spirit in their countries.

Part of our joy in ministry is coming along side others who are doing the work of evangelism in Latin America.  One such ministry is Vida Joven (Young Life).

nicaragua The joy of giving ourselves away in training

Many of the those featured here are friends of ours.  We’ve been with them for many years, watching them grow into the leaders they have become and being part of the development of this ministry.

Every time we go, we see growth and development of the leaders in their understanding of the Holy Spirit as well as deep experiences of the healing and liberating work of the Holy Spirit.

Young Life is doing awesome transforming work in Latin America, and we get to come along side them to help them reach the 150 million teenagers in Latin America: helping caring adults build relationships with kids, helping them to find Christ.

  • While it’s always to good to share about
  • The content we taught,
  • How many hours we taught,
  • The number of students in our classes
  • The number of countries that sent young adult leaders, and
  • The ongoing effectiveness of our work,

there is an indescribable impact that people kept telling us about last year:

The ministry of presence.

Our team has made a repeated investment in training these leaders over many years since PRMI started going in 2002 to come along side Vida Joven.

The Far Reaching Impact

After each trip, we feel that our work impacts the future of Vida Joven. These are men and women that are rebuilding a society torn by civil war and even class warfare.

They grew up in a generation abused, abandoned, and wounded by war. They grew up in areas of high crime, drug related gang warfare, and broken families.

However, they know that Jesus calls them to a greater work: advancing the Kingdom of God and that they are called to invite people to start following Jesus. They are learning about marriage, forgiving others, and growing into God’s dream. They are shaping the generation that will change the country. We know that communities will be changed.

What excites us most is that we know that these leaders “Get it.” They will take this teaching, and apply it in their Vida Joven clubs with great enthusiasm. We can’t wait to go again.



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