The Dunamis Project returned to its roots at Jesus Abbey, as more than 60 Pastors and leaders attended the two-week-long intensive training program, preparing them for launching Dunamis tracks in South Korea.

Mary Ellen Conners, Jeanne Kraak and Paul Stokes provided the teaching and mentoring, and watched in amazement as the Holy Spirit accomplished far more than we dared imagine or hope for!

Participants at Korean Dunamis 2009

Participants – Korean Dunamis

Korea has a long history of competition and division among churches, pastors and generations.

But the Holy Spirit brought down these dividing walls and created a wonderful koinonia, stirring repentance and then uniting leaders in Christ-centered love and respect for one another. This was one of the most exciting developments that took place!

Jeanne, Paul and Josephine

Jeanne Kraak, Paul Stokes and Josephine

The worship was also a joyful experience as we witnessed people having precious and powerful encounters with the Lord, pouring themselves into songs of praise and adoration.

And we were truly blessed to have a worship leader who was sensitive to the leading of the Spirit, allowing silent space as well as leading us in song.

Worship Time - Korean Dunamis 2009

Worship Time – Korean Dunamis 2009

The Korean spiritual worldview is influenced by shamanism, with its emphasis on seeking personal power and blessings.

In place of this, the Holy Spirit became known as the third person of the Trinity – “someone” rather than “something” – and the spiritual gifts were emphasized as simply his power at work through us to advance the Kingdom of God.

Prayer Group - Korean Dunamis

Prayer Group – Korean Dunamis 2009

During the first week we taught and modeled what it means to lead a Dunamis Project event.

Participants were assigned to teams and had to work together to prepare and present some of the Gateways materials, and then we gave feedback and counsel as we worked to deepen their understanding of the teaching and their appreciation of the culture, ethos and emphases of Dunamis.

Mary Ellen taught every morning about prayer, focusing first on intercession, and then on corporate listening prayer, as we broadened the Koreans’ approach to prayer.

Mary Ellen Conners

Mary Ellen Conners and Shin Sim

In the second week Jeanne and Paul taught through “In the Spirit’s Power”, as well as providing insights into the way in which we handled the material.

The combination of solid Biblical teaching plus personal illustrations was a powerful, hope-building message, and the participants were eager to see the various gifts of the Spirit at work in their own lives.

The lab work was especially precious as people learned to receive guidance through words of knowledge, visions and prophecy, and ministered to one another in the Spirit’s power.

The stories that were shared during the debriefing sessions continued to build their faith and understanding.

Praying For Ben Torrey

Throughout the event we were upheld in prayer by an international team of off-site intercessors, coordinated by Karen Langford in England.

Annie Lewis travelled with us in order to be a personal intercessor for Paul and for the event. And a Korean team from All Nations Intercessors attended in order to provide on-site cover as well.

Annie with Intercessors

Annie Lewis And Intercessors at Jesus Abbey, South, Korea

The church in South Korea is hungry for the kind of teaching that Dunamis brings. Jesus Abbey and Ben Torrey are well respected across the nation.

Missionary Koh, one of the sponsors and attendees at the event, is similarly well respected and his Young 2080 organization is providing significant support in a variety of ways.

This Dunamis Advanced Training Course is a strategic work, and plans are evolving for launching several Dunamis Project tracks and also for delivering the teaching in a young adults culture.

Paul Stokes and Young 2080 Team

Paul Stokes and Young 2080 Team (Josephine Choi, Missionary Koh and Jacob Yang)

We are immensely grateful for the privilege of being involved in this work, and look forward with anticipation to see how the Lord uses Dunamis in growing the church in Korea.

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