The Community of the Cross – a Place of Sending

The Community of the Cross is a place of prayer but also it seeks to equip people that they may be sent out as Holy Spirit empowered witnesses to Jesus Christ who can provide leadership for the worldwide movement of the Holy Spirit. It is also a place of intentional equipping of missionaries and mission teams who are taking the Gospel to the ends of the Earth.

All of the facilities, people and ministry programs are for the purpose of equipping people to be sent out.   It is the Dunamis Fellowship International, the Dunamis Institute as well as Presbyterian-Reformed Ministries International, who provide the organization and administration to enable all this work.  

The Community of the Cross is also the site of the PRMI Office.   At present we are using the first guest accommodation building as our temporary office. The vision and the need is to build an office connected to, and on the other side of, the present log house and just below the prayer house.   This office would provide the context for welcoming guests, having staff meetings and would provide the office and operational center for PRMI, the DFI, and the Dunamis Institute.

In order to sustain all of this ministry and effectively send Spirit-empowered leaders out into the world, we need offices that will provide administrative support. Building a new office building connected to the log would also free up the present office for guest accommodations.

Board Members

Above: PRMI Board members and Ministry Staff listening to a report from Ben Torrey from Korea, the PRMI Board of Directors provide the spiritual oversight of the ministries of PRMI.

As the ministries of the Community of the Cross, PRMI, and the Dunamis Institute continue to grow we will need even more space for administrative staff, as well as accommodations for speakers and teachers and those growing in leadership with the DI and the ministry.


Prayer Points

  • Pray that Jesus Christ will continue to draw people from around the world into the gates of the COC, bless them with vision, calling, equipping and empowerment and then send them out as His witnesses.
  • It is Jesus Christ who calls and equips and sends witnesses, pray that the Community of the Crosswill in all ways be a place of encounter with Jesus Christ for growing in a relationship with Him.
  • Pray for God’s timing and provision for a new office. which will free up the Accommodations Unit # 1 now being used as an office.  
  • Pray for any further guidance the Lord has for supporting the “sending” work which takes place through the Dunamis Institute at the Community of the Cross.
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