A Place of Prayer – The Prayer House

Already the work of prayer is taking place on the land, in present buildings, on the trails, at the Prayer Porch by the river, the Place of the Cross, and Ascension Point. As this intercessory prayer work grows to the next level of engagement, it will be facilitated by a set-apart place with accommodations for intercessors, a large indoor prayer chapel, a small more intimate prayer chapel, as well as a place for hospitality and debriefing   This Prayer House has been envisioned to be set on the high ridge overlooking the whole valley. The site is currently marked by a prayer bench where many have prayed for years. It was also the place where Brad Long saw a mystical vision of Jesus building the Community of the Cross. It is just a short walk from the present log house which is the center of activity. 

When we first launched the Community of the Cross, we received a $100,000 gift given by a Taiwanese family, for the Prayer House. Construction drawings have all been completed. We just need the rest of the provision, as well as the “go ahead” from the Lord, to start building.

Artist rendering of Prayer House EntryArtisst rendering of Prayer House - front

View from above the Prayer House showing the entrance courtyard, small prayer chapel, tea room, and large prayer chapel.

Accommodations for intercessors and a large deck are under the main prayer chapel.


Prayer Points

  • Pray for intercessors to be raised up who are called to come and pray on the land.
  • Pray for the financial resources ($600,000) needed to build the Prayer House. Give thanks for the initial gifts ($100,000) that were given that provided for the planning of the Prayer House. Pray that the balance now comes in so we can build.
  • Pray that the building and prayer work that takes place in it and on the Community of the Cross land will be the nexus of worldwide network and movement of prayer outpourings of the Holy Spirit advancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ worldwide.

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