A Place of Prayer-the Natural Sanctuary of the Land

Walking trail at Community of the CrossThe Lord has given us 24 acres of mountain next to 1000 thousands of acres of wilderness, with high ridges, moss covered prayer trails, majestic hemlock trees, massive boulders, a river, bubbling springs, ferns, abundance of wild flowers and always green mountain laurel and rhododendron.  Starting in 1825 with the founding of the Union Baptist Church, our river was the place where hundreds of people were baptized. The river at the Community of the CrossWhen the Lord called us to launch the Community of the Cross He told us to walk the Land and to set it apart as a place of prayer by praying on it.  

View of mountains surrounding the Community of the Cross





Prayer Points

  • Pray that the Lord will do on the Land of the Community Of The Cross, and for all who enter the Gates, what Jonathan Edwards said in 1740,   “And it is revealed that, when God is about to accomplish great things for His church, He will begin by remarkably pouring out the spirit of grace and supplication (see Zechariah 12:10).”
  • Pray that the Lord will set a boundary, and a spiritual shield around this land and prevent any demonic blocks to this being a set apart prayer place with an open heaven.
  • Ask the Lord to continue to call people from around the world to enter into those stone gates to encounter Jesus Christ and to do the work of meditative as well as intercessory prayer.
  • Ask the Holy Spirit to call, anoint and send the provision for those who are gifted in keeping the land beautiful who can provide the skills, the know how, and vision needed to keep the buildings in good condition to the glory of God.
  • Pray for the financial provision 500,000 to establish a for a maintenance endowment to keep up the land as well as the beauty of the land as well as the maintenance and repair of the program facilities that connect with the land for prayer, equipping worship and ministry all in the name of Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit to the Glory of God the Father.



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