Fulfillment of the Vision of the Community of the Cross

Community of the CrossThe Community of the Cross is a Place of Encounter with Jesus Christ for Prayer, Equipping, and Sending.

This 24 acres is an essential asset for PRMI’s engagement in the worldwide movement of the Holy Spirit. The Community of the Crossis the spiritual home that embodies the prayer and community of the entire ministry of PRMI.

This vison of Jesus Christ building the Community of the Cross came in 2003 when Brad Long was in Uganda, Africa before the Lord provided the miracle of provision for buying the land:

…Suddenly I landed, not in Africa, but on the land, the future site of the Community of the Cross in North Carolina. There standing in the midst of it was Jesus Christ. He stood like the director of a symphony of creation. He beckoned; in came people from all nations through the stone gates. Jesus reached out His arms and in love welcomed them, nurtured them.   Then I saw Him, touching each person with the fire of the Holy Spirit and then waving them out to be His witnesses to the far corners of the earth. He pointed; Up spring buildings. Jesus Christ was building the Community of the Cross!

Then I heard Jesus announcing that the Community of the Cross would be a link between the work of the Holy Spirit in Africa, and His work in North America, UK and around the world. Then the vision became more complicated as this linking work was extended to include China and to South America.   I was seeing the Community of the Cross being the nexus of the fire of the Gospel reaching all these far flung places.”


Prayer Points

  • Pray that Jesus will manifest His presence in the people, programs and on the land of the COC.
  • Pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to draw people from around the world to come through the gates of the COC, have a personal encounter with Jesus, catch the vision of following Him, be equipped by good teaching and the infilling with the Holy Spirit and then be sent by Jesus out to their places of service and witness.
  • Continue to pray in the vision that Brad Long saw while in Uganda.



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