BUILD: Kingdom Asset: The Community of the Cross

As we move forward according to Jesus’ guidance, these assets will serve like the three sails of a boat to enable PRMI to take part in the worldwide movement of the Holy Spirit.  The sail in the middle, named the Staysail or Fisherman’s Stay Sail, catches the light winds but also gives stability. This is the Kingdom Asset of the Community of Cross – BUILD

Week 3: BUILD Day 1

Praying for the Fulfillment of the vision of the Community of the Cross

Week 3: BUILD Day 2

A Spiritual Home for the DFI

Week 3: BUILD Day 3

A Place of Prayer – the Natural Sanctuary of the Land

Week 3: BUILD Day 4

A Place of Prayer – The Prayer House

Week 3: BUILD Day 5

The Community of the Cross, a Place of Equipping

Week 3: BUILD Day 6

The Community of the Cross, a place of Sending

Week 3: BUILD Day 7

Extending the Community of the Cross Vision

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