Dunamis Institute Programs for Raising up Anointed Leaders

The purpose of the Dunamis Fellowship International and the Faculty and Leaders of the Dunamis Institute, is to work with the Holy Spirit in order to create the contexts where Acts 1:4-5,8 can be fulfilled, so that leaders may be called, equipped and anointed by the Holy Spirit to cooperate with Jesus Christ in growing the Church and advancing the Kingdom worldwide.

In the Bible it is revealed to us that the Father’s approach to growing the Church is to start with calling leaders who embody within themselves the new reality of the Kingdom of God.

As the Lord has led us to take part in waves of the Holy Spirit, He has given us specific guidance as to what program expressions are needed to connect with the particular needs the Holy Spirit has to accomplish His overall mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ.

From 1991 until the present the three main means the Lord has raised up are the Dunamis Project, The Advanced Ministry Courses, and the Growing the Church course for Pastors. We have recently launched in addition to these our Equipping Streams and the Spiritual Dynamics of Global Mission conference.

In order to offer a means for the Holy Spirit to work, each of these program expressions require the centering and bringing together the aspects that we have already been praying for.

Prayer Points

Ask the Father in the Name of Jesus Christ to provide all that is needed for each of the DI program expressions to accomplish their purposes for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.

The Dunamis Project

Dunamis Project
This intensive 6-conference core teaching provides the biblical, practical theological training and prayer and fellowship context for the Holy Spirit to provide this teaching that is to equip leaders for growing the Church and advancing the Kingdom of God worldwide.

Advanced Ministry

Advanced Ministry Courses
Going deeper with the skills and knowledge needed for cooperating with the Holy Spirit in areas of ministry and leadership.

Growing the Chruch

Growing the Church in the Power of the Holy Spirit
Pastors and Church Leaders learning the foundations & dynamics of cooperating with the Holy Spirit in the local church context.

Global Missions

Spiritual Dynamics of Global Mission 
An Intensive Equipping Course at the Community of the Cross, providing the Spiritual formation both for missionaries going to the mission field and for those who enable and support the sending of missionaries.

Equipping Streams

Equipping Streams
This purposeful growth-pathway of study, practice, mentoring, and community takes people deeper into the Dunamis teaching to prepare them for the specific ministries God is calling them into.

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