Mobilizing, Equipping and Deploying Dunamis Institute Teachers and Leaders

The purpose of the Dunamis Institute (DI) is to bring Christians into the awareness and experience of the Holy Spirit so that they may be empowered to be witnesses to Jesus Christ.

To accomplish this requires leaders and teachers who are anointed by the Holy Spirit, have mastered the content of Dunamis, and embody in their own life and practice the teaching and approach of this stream of the Holy Spirit.

Exousia at the COC: Rev. Laura Hollister –USA, Simon Fairnington – UK, Rev. Lewis Williams – USA, Barb Ferrier – Chair of DFC – Canada, Elder Funsho Olluro – UK, Rev. Paul Stokes, DI Academic Dean – UK
Exousia at the Community of the Cross

The Dunamis Institute is called by the Holy Spirit to put in place Jesus’ approach to growing leaders who embody the Kingdom of God and can pass this knowledge and experience on to others.   Jesus modeled this in the way He worked with His disciples: He called them to follow Him, they listened to his teaching, they shared with Him in ministry, and then they were empowered by the Holy Spirit and sent out in ministry.

The key is the Holy Spirit both within them and upon them for a personal, living relationship with Jesus. And then not just imitating Jesus but being in ministry led by the Holy Spirit. Anointed teachers and leaders who embody this reality are key to a movement not only growing in numbers but staying vital and on track with God’s purposes for many generations. 

Equipping as well as structure are needed to enable this mentoring and deployment of those mentored. The Dunamis Project, Exousia (Spiritual Leadership Development) and the Equipping Steams, are just part of what the DI provides for this process to take place.

Prayer Points

  • Pray for the present leaders, teachers, intercessors and ministers in PRMI who are reaching 50 and beyond that they may have the grace and anointing to begin to step back, to mentor others and to nurture and encourage them in the process of growing in leadership.
  • Pray for the calling and support of ten new Full Faculty by 2016. These experienced, mature, anointed teachers have the role of developing the advanced ministry courses, keeping the Dunamis curriculum up-to-date, and providing leadership for Exousia so that the extended volunteer international faculty may be equipped and deployed into ministry. Currently we need those who can work in English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Indonesian, or French.
  • Pray in the $150,000 per year needed to support this work, including salaries and administrative support.
  • In 2014 we have about 75 Adjunct Faculty and apprentice teachers. Pray for the Lord to call, anoint and have deployed 120 Faculty by 2016. They are needed to implement the Dunamis Institute equippingworldwide.
  • Ask the Lord how you may be called to be a part of this work. Is the Holy Spirit calling you to teach, to take part on a mission team or to offer your gifs of financial support to enable the equipping of others?

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