Equip EQUIP: Praying for the Kingdom ASSET – The Dunamis Institute

As we move forward according to Jesus’ guidance, these assets will serve like the three sails of a boat to enable PRMI to take part in the worldwide movement of the Holy Spirit.  The Main Sail at the back, which catches the wind and drives the ship forward, is the Kingdom Asset of the Dunamis Institute.

Week 2: EQUIP Day 1

Praying for the The Dunamis Institute Mission

Week 2: EQUIP Day 2

Equipping Leaders for Advancing the Kingdom of God

Week 2: EQUIP Day 3

Growing Churches in the Power of the Holy Spirit

Week 2: EQUIP Day 4

Passing the Teaching on to Future Generations

Week 2: EQUIP Day 5

Praying that the Holy Spirit will raise up the international faculty to be biult to do this

Week 2: EQUIP Day 6

The Administration

Week 2: EQUIP Day 7:

Pray that your Local Congregation will grow its Witness to Jesus Christ

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