Kingdom Opportunity Complete Prayer Guide

With Kingdom Opportunity 2014-2016 we are looking back and celebrating 50 years of vital ministry of promoting the work of the Holy Spirit. And, during the next three years we are called to prepare for the next fifty years.

As we seek to be part of extending the Kingdom of God we see the opportunity to put in place Three Kingdom Assets needed to take part in the worldwide movement of the Holy Spirit.

Driven By The Spirit

These three Assets are like the sails of a ship that will catch the wind of the Holy Spirit and will carry us forward toward the goal of fulfilling the Great Commission of making disciples of Jesus Christ of all nations.

These Assets are:


>Equip – which is the Dunamis Institute providing the anointed faculty, teachers, leaders, teaching materials, and venues – all that is needed for fulfilling Acts 1:4-5, 8 so that leaders may be empowered by the Holy Spirit to be effective witnesses to Jesus Christ.


BuildThe Community of the Cross, a Place of Encounter with Jesus Christ, is the spiritual home of the Dunamis Fellowship International and offers the prayer, equipping and sending needed to sustain this worldwide movement of the Holy Spirit. We are foreseeing construction of the teaching building, the prayer house, and accommodations needed to accomplish the purpose of the Community of the Cross.


Send – is the Mobile Dunamis, which is dedicated to fulfilling the promise of God the Father that He will pour out the Holy Spirit on all flesh. This calls for widely disseminating the Dunamis teaching worldwide. This has already started in China with plans to move to the Spanish-speaking world and beyond.

This prayer guide is an invitation to be led by the Holy Spirit to join the coordinated international prayer effort.  It is structured so you may pray for the Global Asset of ENGAGEMENT and also the Three Kingdom Assets of EQUIP, BUILD, SEND, needed for PRMI to take part in the world wide movement of the Holy Spirit that is growing the Church of Jesus Christ and advancing the Kingdom of God.

Before the PRMI Summer Board Meeting, I was on the mountain praying for guidance about how to accomplish this huge vision contained in the Kingdom Opportunity. I was overwhelmed by the impossibility of it all when the Lord said, “It all begins in prayer. If you ask, In the Name of Jesus Christ, ask in faith and ask together, I will do all this that the world may know life in Jesus Christ and may have life in His name. It will all be for my glory!”

That was the guidance: it must all begin in prayer. So, we have written a 28-day Prayer Guide to direct this work. If you want to step into this amazing opportunity to have a part in making a difference in the lives of potentially millions of people who will be empowered as witnesses to Jesus, then begin the prayer guide with us.

In the first week of the prayer guide, we present an invitation to engage with Jesus in seven forms of praying, cooperating with him to have major Kingdom impact. This is not just about PRMI, but God’s whole Kingdom. These prayers will connect you into the great river of God and will lead you into engagement in the Kingdom, wherever you may be called – in your church, your neighborhood, your family.

After that you may be called to move on and pray for the Three Kingdom Assets of equip, build, and send. As I have personally engaged in this first week of prayer, I have found myself caught up in a whole new level of engagement with God in this work of intercessory prayer. The same thing may happen to you!

Jonathan Edward’s, “Thoughts on the Revival in New England”, written in 1740, points to God’s basic method of involving us in the great work of advancing the Kingdom of Jesus Christ:

“It is God’s will through His wonderful grace, that the prayers of His saints should be one of the great principal means of carrying on the designs of Christ’s kingdom in the world.

“When God has something very great to accomplish for His church, it is His will that there should precede it the extraordinary prayers of His people; as is manifest by Ezekiel 36:37.”

This Kingdom Opportunity Prayer Guide is an invitation to do the work of extraordinary prayer for the great things God wants to accomplish for the Church.

This prayer guide is divided into Four Sections of one week each:



Week 1: ENGAGE Day 1

Praying for all Christians to be Baptized with the Holy Spirit – Starting with Ourselves

Week 1: ENGAGE Day 2

Praying “Thy Kingdom Come”

Week 1: ENGAGE Day 3

Praying for the Fulfillment of the Great Commission

Week 1: ENGAGE Day 4

Praying that Jesus Christ will Grow the Church in the Power of the Holy Spirit

Week 1: ENGAGE Day 5

Praying that the Holy Spirit will stir up a Great Movement of Intercessory Prayer

Week 1: ENGAGE Day 6

Praying for great waves of the Holy Spirit

Week 1: ENGAGE Day 7

Praise and worship of God the Father, the Son, and Holy Spirit



1. As we move forward according to Jesus’ guidance, these assets will serve like the three sails of a boat to enable PRMI to take part in the world wide movement of the Holy Spirit.

Kingdom Asset - EQUIP

The main sail at the back catches the wind and drives the ship forward – the Kingdom Asset of the Dunamis Institute. This is the organizational means of the Dunamis Fellowship International carrying out its mandate of mobilizing, equipping and deploying Holy Spirit empowered people who are the leaders, teachers, prayer ministers, and intercessors through whom Jesus Christ works to provide the ministry and programs of PRMI sustaining this tributary of the River of God.

Week 2: EQUIP Day 1

Praying for the The Dunamis Institute Mission

Week 2: EQUIP Day 2

Equipping Leaders for Advancing the Kingdom of God

Week 2: EQUIP Day 3

Growing Churches in the Power of the Holy Spirit

Week 2: EQUIP Day 4

Passing the Teaching on to Future Generations

Week 2: EQUIP Day 5

Praying that the Holy Spirit will raise up the international faculty to be biult to do this

Week 2: EQUIP Day 6

The Administration

Week 2: EQUIP Day 7

Pray that your Local Congregation will grow its Witness to Jesus Christ



Driven By The Spirit
Kingdom Asset: Build

The sail in the middle, named the Staysail or Fisherman’s Stay Sail – catches the light winds but also gives stability. This is the Kingdom Asset of the Community of Cross – buildings that provide for the program work. The Community of the Cross provides a place, like Jerusalem did for the early Church, as a home base or an anchor for prayer, equipping and sending.

Week 3: BUILD Day 1

Praying for the Fulfillment of the vision of the Community of the Cross

Week 3: BUILD Day 2

A Spiritual Home for the DFI

Week 3: BUILD Day 3

A Place of Prayer – the Natural Sanctuary of the Land

Week 3: BUILD Day 4

A Place of Prayer – The Prayer House

Week 3: BUILD Day 5

The Community of the Cross, a Place of Equipping

Week 3: BUILD Day 6

The Community of the Cross, a place of Sending

Week 3: BUILD Day 7

Extending the Community of the Cross Vision



Driven By The Spirit
Kingdom Asset: SEND

The front sail is the Jib – it pulls the ship forward but also provides stability for the main sail. This is the Mobile Dunamis, which is engagement in missions! It is missions focused on Jesus Christ that keeps us balanced and moving forward. The end goal for all this is the fulfillment of the Great Commission. It is missions in Jesus Christ which is only possible with the means that God the Father has given, which is in the power and direction of the Holy Spirit. The Purpose of Mobile Dunamis by providing the means for fulfilling Acts 1:8 enabling millions of Christians to being empowered by the Holy Spirit for doing their part in fulfilling the Great Commission.

Week 4: SEND Day 1

The Vision of Mobile Dunamis

Week 4: SEND Day 2

Chinese Mobile Dunamis and Launching 1000’s of Dunamis Schools in China

Week 4: SEND Day 3

Creating Mobile Dunamis for the Spanish speaking world

Week 4: SEND Day 4

Pray for the Dunamis Teaching to “Go Mobile” all over the western world

Week 4: SEND Day 5

Pray for the Dunamis Teaching to “Go Mobile” all over the rest of the world

Week 4: SEND Day 6

Pulling this all together

Week 4: SEND Day 7

Pray that your local congregation will Grow its witness to Jesus Christ


Driven By The Spirit

The three Kingdom Assets of the EQUIP: Dunamis Institute, BUILD: the Program Facilities at the Community of the Cross, and SEND: the Mobile Dunamis are the practical means that PRMI is being driven and carried by the Holy Spirit to take part in Kingdom work. They allow us to take part in the Kingdom opportunities given us as we have said “YES!” and stepped into the areas of engagement listed in the first prayer week.

You are encouraged to go back and repeat the process of praying through the different areas of engagement starting with Week 1. As prayers are answered or new initiatives arise, this website will be updated accordingly.

Thank you for your faithfulness and obedience in joining us in the prayer guide.

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