As someone who is on the early side of my journey in vocational ministry, I have noticed that there are a number of different paths and obstacles that lie before those who take up the mantle of leadership in the name of Jesus Christ.

At our recent conference, Growing the Church in the Power of the Holy Spirit, I met a wonderful group of pastors and lay leaders who are on their own distinct yet similar journeys of leadership.

Some, like myself, were in the early stages, while others had many stories and experiences to draw from and share.

Small group praying at Growing The Church Conference - Community of the Cross

Small group praying at Growing The Church Conference – Community of the Cross

It was in this group context that we learned what it means to see our own communities cooperate with the work of the Holy Spirit within those contexts. This was a joy and the expectation.

Everyone came to be equipped with knowledge for the journey.

However, the surprise came by way of what God wanted to do in the midst of each of our journeys.

He wanted to minister to us.

He wanted us to see that the paths and obstacles that lie ahead are not tread upon alone.

He goes with us and empowers us. In His power and His peace, we experienced His presence for the journey.

I’ve heard it said that “ministry can be a lonely place.” What a joy it is to take the Master’s hand in the context of community to be reminded that He is with us and is empowering us for the journey.

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