Jesus, how are you calling us as individuals and as a ministry to cooperate with you in the future?

A 3:36 min video clip by members of the PRMI Discernment Leadership Team, giving the invitation for all of us to join in this work.

I know this is very “in house”, but I think it needs to be shared with all of you who receive MWS Online.

We are so excited at what Jesus is doing!

Through our being willing to stop and listen, we are finding that the Holy Spirit is actually starting to speak to give direction for His Kingdom work in the future.

I urge all of us to take the risk of asking Jesus how He wants us to cooperate with Him into the future.

It is like Jesus is saying to us, “I am so glad you asked Me what I want you to do, rather than just giving me all your plans.”

Now, please do not get the impression that this is happening easily or because we are especially holy, or a cut above others.

Not at all! This process has exposed all our sinfulness, our fears and reluctance to really seek Jesus’ intentions.

For myself, I have struggled with deep fears that if I ask Jesus to tell us His plans, they may not include me (or PRMI)!

At the same time, there is the fear that if He does call us, then it will be too costly, too demanding, or just humanly impossible and therefore demanding a total reliance on Him.

Already that is what He is doing and it is invigorating and terrifying!

At the recent prayer mountain, I was given a glimpse of some of the things He is doing and wants us to join Him in:

  • The mainline congregations in North America and the British Isles alive in Jesus Christ and growing by the power of Holy Spirit to be witnesses to the Gospel worldwide.
  • The Muslim World – coming to know Jesus Christ as the Way, the Truth, and the Life and the Way to the Father.
  • The Gospel transforming China, transforming that nation into a great Christian nation and joining the United States and South Korea as great missionary-sending nations.
  • The Church in Africa on fire with the Gospel, released from its bondage to its colonial past, coming into its own and taking the fire of the Holy Spirit wrapped in the fruit of the Holy Spirit, and igniting the World Church.

There is a lot more!! But that is just a glimpse!

Anyway, while we experienced the Holy Spirit working, it was very clear that the Devil was stirred up.

We came under a ferocious demonic attack.

I will speak only of myself here – it is like there were death threats against us.

I was experiencing this as words slamming into me as flaming dart attacks like, “You are useless! Just die and get it over with!” And so forth. Other team members experienced the same thing.

We were then led into battle in which we were called to cast out the specific demons that had been sent against us, but this was part of a larger attack.

When we take part in advancing the Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of Satan that holds people in bondage and orchestrates evil in the world fights back.

We were experiencing just what John Calvin in his commentary on the Lord’s prayer warns us of: When we “pray thy Kingdom Come” , there is the positive advancement of the Church but at the same time there is overcoming of resistance of demonic strongholds.

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