In Exodus 15:26 we read, “I am the God who heals” and in Psalm 103 we are told that God is the one who “forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases.”

Do you believe this?

Does God really heal people today?

We read stories of Jesus healing all kinds of disorders and the disciples did likewise, but what about us today?These scriptures (and many more) were sent to me about a month ago when I experienced a partially detached retina.

I was home making dinner one Friday night when all of a sudden I started to lose sight in my right eye.

At first I thought I was imagining it, and then I thought I had a fingerprint on my contact lens. Then I realized I was in trouble. I called my eye doctor, who had warned me that given how near sighted I was, I was at high risk for retina problems.

He asked me a few questions on the phone and said, “I want to meet you in my office first thing in the morning. I am not sure what is going on, but I am concerned. Stay quiet tonight and I will meet you at 9am. Bring your husband because I will dilate your eyes and come to the side door, because the office won’t be open.”

Needless to say, my fear level increased!

I reached out to my prayer partners for prayer. We prayed and I was able to sleep (a little) that night.

By 9am the next day, my husband, Steve, and I were at my doctor’s office. He did some tests and then said, “You have a partially detached retina and need surgery right away.”

Within minutes I was headed to his other office to meet with a retina specialist and within 2 hours I was through surgery and on my way home. Time is critical with this kind of eye injury and I could tell I was losing more vision as each minute ticked by.

The next week I was required to lay on my side or stomach and keep my head in one position so the tear could heal. I was allowed up for 5 min. every hour.

It is amazing how much (and little) you can do in 5 minutes.

My husband was my constant companion and wonderful friends came with food and prayer and helped me get through 7 days of forced rest.

I hadn’t planned on a spiritual retreat, but the Lord gave me one that week! I had lots of time to pray and reflect on my life.

A week later, I returned to the doctor who was thrilled with my progress. He said I was free to return to work and all normal activities. I still had some distortion in my vision, which he said would, “Get better, worse or stay the same”. He scheduled me for a recheck in 3 months and sent me home.

Now a month later my vision is a little better, but still distorted and annoying when I read or try to work on the computer.

I have no doubt that the Lord is healing my vision.

He got me to the right doctor, at the right time before I lost all vision (which is where I was headed and would have been there had everything not gone so quickly).

Many are joining me in praying for complete healing of my right eye. I am confident that the Lord is not finished His healing work in me and will trust Him to work in His time.

This whole experience has showed me once again, and very personally, that our God is the one who heals and that He can and does heal all our diseases.

Sometimes He acts dramatically and instantly. Often He chooses to work incrementally, combining prayer and medicine and time.

However He chooses to heal, it is His healing work and He should receive all the credit.

Jesus’ healing work is for today and continues through his disciples like you and me. Watch these videos for more stories of physical, emotional and spiritual healing…

This is an amazing report of how the Holy Spirit moved to bring healing and deliverance to a person who had been deeply wounded by the Church. The key was that she needed to forgive those who had hurt her father who was the pastor as well as the rest of the family. Forgiveness opened the door for the Holy Spirit to move in casting out evil spirits that had gotten attached and also to bring deep inner healing. This was a wonderful affirmation of the Healing Work of Jesus Christ.

Ginny Good shares about her healing at a Dunamis Event

In PRMI we offer a variety of ways for people to enter into Jesus healing work.

1) Healing Week at the Community of the Cross, June 27-30, 2012

This is an opportunity to come and experience the healing touch of Jesus Christ. We offer prayer ministry for physical, emotional, spiritual, relational healing as well as deliverance ministry for those afflicted by evil spirits. This event is wrapped in prayer and worship. Teams are drawn from those trained in prayer ministry by PRMI.

To see upcoming advanced courses: click here

2) Advanced Course on Healing and Deliverance. Sept. 23-29. For those called to engage in healing and deliverance ministry, we offer this year-long course which includes onsite training in Black Mountain, reading, completing a practical project and working with a trained mentor. This course is by application, click here for brochure and application. Application deadline is August 1, 2012. This will also be offered for the first time in the UK, beginning in March 2013. Click here for information from the DFB&I.

To see upcoming advanced courses: click here

For UK: click here

3) The Dunamis Project – The Healing Ministry of Jesus Christ, Oct.10-14, 2013 This 5-day event in Iowa will introduce participants to the healing work of Jesus and how to cooperate with the Holy Spirit in healing ministry today.

For upcoming Dunamis Events – click here.

4) Basics of Healing Ministry – offered online in the spring of 2013. More information will be made available this fall about this new online training course that will cover the basics introduced at the Healing Dunamis as well as opportunities to practice with a teacher over the internet.

5) Let Jesus Heal Your Hidden Wounds –A book co-authored by Brad Long and Cindy Strickler can be ordered for $14.00 from the PRMI office or online. Click here for more information

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