A delightful and meaningful element of the Healing Ministry of Jesus Christ Conference held in Grand Rapids, Michigan, January 21st-24th, was that it is very inter-generational. We had over 30 college students along with 50 older adults. There was such a powerful sense of God’s love flowing throughout the entire community – rejoicing with those who rejoiced and mourning with, and ministering to, those who mourned.

Some comments and paraphrases of testimonies that were shared:

  1. “God has been telling me to repent, but I didn’t know how. At the Conference He met me. He reminded me of past memories, areas where Satan had been given ground to torment and ensnare me, keeping me from experiencing joy. Jesus Christ revealed Himself to me and helped me repent and receive His forgiveness. Then He urged me to forgive others. It seemed easy after receiving God’s forgiveness and love. My Spirit became more free with each forgiveness.”
  2. “I have had back pain for a long time. At the Conference I asked for prayer. I realized God had to heal my heart before He would heal my back. I had to forgive myself. Jesus told me that I was forgiven and that I was beautiful. He showed me a dumpster and all the negative labels about myself that I believed He threw into the dumpster. He was closing doors and breaking soul ties. The Holy Spirit showed me a white car that had been through a car wash. It was so white. He told me I was cleansed like that white car.”
  3. “At the Conference I had the chance to join a prayer team that prayed for physical healing of a man’s leg and lower back. As we started to pray, the man experienced a searing pain in his calf, as if a demon had grabbed his calf. In Jesus’ name we took authority over that demon and the pain stopped. We continued to pray for the man’s leg and back, and he commented that he could see everything so clearly. We weren’t praying for his eyes! As we continued to pray, he felt electricity in his back and leg, and God brought healing. (The healing was confirmed again the next day.) I wondered about his eyes. His wife said he had mentioned that he thought he needed to get his eyes checked. I realized God said he would do “more than we ask or imagine”.”

To the Father, Son and Holy Spirit be all glory and honor!!

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