For those who know how hard it is to do missions in Japan, it often comes as a shock to know that there is a major movement of the Holy Spirit taking place in the extremely liberal United Church of Christ in Japan (UCCJ) ( 日本キリスト教団, Nihon Kirisuto Kyōdan).

For the past 5 years, PRMI has sent an equipping team to Takasago, Japan to teach through the Dunamis Project.

This year the team will consist of Cindy Strickler, Brad Long, John Chang, and Steve Thayer.

Full Japan team

American team with hosts after Sunday worship at Takasago Church last year

This February, we will be teaching the 5th unit of the Dunamis Project on Spiritual Warfare.

Japan, unlike South Sudan, is very safe and often more modern than the USA or UK. But there are grave spiritual dangers there that we are stepping into.

There are major spiritual strongholds at work in Japan and Japanese culture that are opposing the advancement of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Within the United Church of Christ in Japan there are pervasive effects of liberalism, distorting the truth of the Gospel and quenching the power of the Holy Spirit.

We very much need your prayer as we go and teach on this topic of spiritual warfare.

Each time the team has gone, they have experienced major demonic attacks and backlash during the events or upon their return home.

It is urgent that we have intensive prayer covering for this team, especially as they engage in teaching that will expose the schemes and strategies of the enemy.

Please pray for our protection!!! If you would like to receive prayer updates during their trip, contact Martin Boardman, who is coordinating prayer for the group, at

You also have an opportunity to financially invest in this important work.  While our Japanese hosts cover in-country expenses, other expenses require funding.  The total uncovered amount is $5,500 US.  Please pray for the financial provision.  And, should the Lord encourage your involvement, please forward your donation to PRMI designated “Japan Dunamis Fund” or click HERE to donate online.

Above all pray that this movement of the Holy Spirit will continue in the Church in Japan and that Japanese Christians will be equipped in the Power of the Holy Spirit to advance the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.

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