Thank you for helping us out. Your feedback is very important to us. In fact, we depend on people like you helping us to know when something is not working. Your report will help get the website improved so that more people can use it.

Your information is kept confidential to our tech support team and will never be shared beyond what is needed to resolve this. Thank you.

PRMI Tech Support Team

Special Note – March 2022

There are two possible fixes to try on the course page if you are logged in and the video course page says you are not.

  1. Go to the course page.
  2. Reload the page. Your Options
    1. Use the re-load button for your browser.
    2. F5 on many laptops/computers.
    3. CTRL-F5 might be needed as well.
    4. Apple computers might be CMD+F5.

If something still doesn’t work after trying these steps, please file this report and let me know you tried them. The more detail that you provide, the better I can design a short fix.

I have filed a bug report with the maker of the video course software about the logged in/not logged in problem that different people are reporting.

I’m still looking for the source of the problem.

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