I trust you had a wonderful, blessed Resurrection Sunday. What a difference the Risen Lord Jesus makes in our lives! We thank you Lord for rescuing us. We praise you for giving us salvation and transformation.

Often people tell me their stories of how our risen Lord and Savior set them free,  through His Holy Spirit.

Usually, woven in the transformation stories are details of how our Lord used PRMI and the Dunamis Project teaching to bring great release from bondage.

I pray that more people would receive these Spirit-filled teachings. Boldly, PRMI must move forward in advancing the Kingdom of God as proclaimed by the Risen One—Jesus Christ.

Gary Wybenga

Gary Wybenga

As the newly appointed Director of Fund Development, my primary responsibility is to cooperate with the Holy Spirit in asking for and securing the financial resources needed to fund PRMI so we may continue to live out our mission to “Exalt Jesus Christ . . . .”

In 2011, that means raising $2 million to cover PRMI operating costs, Dunamis Institute launch expenses, and Community of the Cross facility expansion costs. We are in rapid growth mode. Praise God!

Already this year you may have given a financial gift. If so, thank you! It’s very important that PRMI constituents financially participate in funding PRMI.

In 2011, given the $2 million goal, it’s vital.

We are confident that the Provider will show extreme favor and generously provide through you and others. Gifts of all sizes are required in order to reach the goal. Is God calling you to participate?

If so, please click HERE. Whatever the timing, our Lord will use your kingdom-investment to transform countless lives.

We must pray these gifts into reality. We desire the Lord’s will be done. Please provide prayer covering and request God’s provision of all that this required.

PRMI is very grateful for your faithfulness and generosity. With your investment we have the resources needed to offer people more opportunities to cooperate with the Holy Spirit through the ministry of PRMI. We glorify you, Lord!

Blessings in our Risen Savior!

P.S. I have mailed a similar appeal to Dunamis Fellowship members, which will arrive in mailboxes soon.

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