Prayer has always been the critical foundation for all that PRMI does.

In January, 2016 the PRMI Board affirmed a new intensive focus on the work of prayer, to support and develop our ministries.

This focus consists of the following interrelated components:

  • Grow the Community of the Cross as an international “hub” for intercessory prayer.
  • Connect with intercessors worldwide and other centers for intercession, such as Jesus Abbey in South Korea and the Jerusalem Prayer Tower in Israel.
  • Mobilize, equip and deploy an army of intercessors for defeating the demonic strongholds of Radical Islam and advancing the Gospel into the Muslim world.

To expand this work of prayer we believe the Lord is calling Martin Boardman to join our ministry leadership team on January 1, 2017.

I ask for special prayer support for calling Martin Boardman as the PRMI Prayer Mobilizer.

Martin Boardman as Prayer Mobilizer

For years, we have seen his anointing in these areas:

  • doing the work of intercession,
  • equipping intercessors, and
  • supporting and sustaining their work.

By calling Martin into this ministry role we affirm what God is already doing!

Martin is stepping into an impossible mission.  He needs intercessors who can pray for him and for the prayer mobilization. He needs your prayer support.

Introducing  Martin Boardman  

I write all of you who have been involved in PRMI’s work of prayer to join in this in the following ways:

  • Join Martin’s prayer email list. Would God be calling you to be an intercessor for Martin and to receive regular updates and prayer requests from him as he steps out in this leadership role?  Contact
  • Pray for provision. Would you join with us in praying for the major financial provision that is needed to sustain and grow this prayer initiative for PRMI? If you want to give a gift, donate here.

I invite you to join this team to support Martin as part of the great movement of prayer within PRMI.  Prayer has always been the beginning place for igniting and sustaining waves of the Holy Spirit which advance the Kingdom of God.  We believe we are on the cusp of a new great wave and Martin’s role will help us ride it.

Thank you!!

In Christ,

Brad Long

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