The vision for the creative arts ministry is as follows,

  1. To create a global network/forum for creatives to find fellowship, network, collaborate and find a place to belong.
  2. To commission and champion the creation of art to support the ministry of PRMI.
  3. To equip and resource PRMI leadership teams and volunteers through the creative arts.
  4. To be an entry point to the ministry and teachings of PRMI and this stream of the Holy Spirit.

To implement this vision we will,

  1. Meet regularly to establish a global network full of gifted creatives who can use their talents for the glory of the Lord. Our meetings will facilitate an opportunity to see who carries what gifts and what opportunities there are for those to be used in the community
  2. Forming a core team who will oversee this area of ministry including liaising with other leaders in PRMI and the Dunamis Institute. This will enable us to understand what our initial needs are, to ensure any projects embody our DNA and to commission and line manage creatives to undertake these projects
  3. Creating resources and running training events that equip creative practitioners to better serve the ministry as well as giving ‘non-creatives’ a framework to understand and engage with those working in the creative arts
  4. Encouraging practitioners to collaborate with people in their existing networks on PRMI projects as well as inviting people to our online calls/events to expose them to the ministry

As I (James) have been reflecting since presenting the vision at the Dunamis Fellowship International in January of 2022. I have started to realize how much of our core DNA is embodied in this vision statement.

PRMI’s 6 Pinnacle Phrases

If we look at the 6 Pinnacle Phrases, I believe you can clearly see how this vision encapsulates so much of what is important to PRMI as a ministry;

  1. Context Creators: In launching this creative arts ministry we are creating a new ‘Container’ for the Holy Spirit to come and inhabit
  2. Kairos Seekers: We want to learn and teach others how to allow the Holy Spirit to lead us in creating art and using our gifts and talents
  3. Prayer Prioritizers: We hope that our global network will be a space for prayer and fellowship and not just doing and discussing work
  4. Contributors Not Consumers: Through commissioning projects we are providing opportunities for creatives to contribute to the ministry in a direct way. This is not a side thing for creatives to make some art and have fun, this is to resource the ministry.
  5. Community Builders: We are creating a ‘safe space’ for creatives to gather, connect, grow and share.
  6. Ministry Multipliers: Through training and equipping and also inviting others to join in this area of ministry we hope to see numerical growth

Why Creative Arts?

Another phrase that I’ve coined for this ministry is that “This is not art for arts sake, this is art for OUR (PRMI’s) sake.” One of the things that makes this ministry so powerful is its purpose. This is not merely a side project for creatives to be a part of.

This ministry provides another meaningful way that those who are gifted and moving in the creative arts to serve PRMI and to help build the kingdom of God here on earth.

We now find ourselves in exciting position of beginning to implement this vision and to connect with as many of you as possible!

I hope that you are as excited as we are about launching this new ministry area.

If you have any questions or want to chat about this area of ministry then please contact me at or email

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