We desperately need and covet your prayers at this time in the life of PRMI.

Prayer precedes great moves of God. This is the basis of the Holy Spirit calling PRMI and the Dunamis Fellowship International to focus on the initiative to create the venues for prayer in 2017.

In every great revival, every great advance in the Kingdom of God, intercessory prayer has been the forerunner.

Jonathan Edwards sums this up:

So it is God’s will that the prayers of His saints shall be great and the principal means of carrying on the designs of Christ’s Kingdom in the world. When God has something to accomplish for His church, it is His will that there should precede it the extraordinary prayer of His people.”

Praying for the 2017 Campaign By Dr. Brad Long

The 2017 Prayer Initiative is intended to create the venues in which the Holy Spirit may call forth this “extraordinary prayer.”

It has three components:

  1. Growing the Community of the Cross as a global hub for intercession. This includes building the Prayer House.
  2. Providing venues, programs, and teaching materials to be used by the Holy Spirit who is mobilizing, equipping and deploying an army of intercessors for fulfilling the Great Commission.
  3. Forming and supporting the anointed leadership team to accomplish the above two, by providing the administration, equipping, apostolic leadership, as well as the context and networks for intercessors to engage in this work.

For more information on the initiative itself, please check out the following links.

Where is PRMI Heading in 2017?

Capital Campaign- Executive Summary

For now, however, this letter is not about the details of the campaign, but an invitation to each of you to join the PRMI leadership team and Board in doing the prayer work to pray the three components of this campaign into reality.

I believe the Lord is telling us that the prayer movements that will be igniting outpourings of the Holy Spirit to advance the Kingdom of Jesus Christ will only happen if we do the work of prayer!

To make this practical and urgent, these three components (which require $1,250,000, as well as people, organization, buildings, and above all the empowering, loving presence of Jesus Christ that will facilitate all this) will only take place as we are called into the gap to cooperate with Jesus Christ in praying them in.

In other words, Jesus is calling us to embody the intentions of the campaign – which is providing the venue for prayer movements – by doing the work of extraordinary prayer.

I know that not all of you will be called to this, but for those who are, here are some of the ways I have been called that may help you.

  1. The PRMI/Dunamis Fellowship International leadership team need prayer cover. Ask the Holy Spirit to anoint us with one heart and mind to be able to both cast the vision for the Campaign so others can join in it, as well as do the work of prayer itself. These are two related but very different dynamics requiring different giftings, which are often a challenge to hold together. This also requires very different but related relentless and massive work that is taking place simultaneously, and because we are such a small operation must be done by the same people. Please pray for us!
  2. Please be a prayer shield for this work and all who join in it. The devil is relentlessly on the offensive seeking to divert, confuse, and destroy any one or any ministry that is called to provide a context for Christians to do the work of extraordinary prayer. Satan knows better than we do that this type of prayer is the wellspring of the Father’s work on earth.
  3. Please pray for the Lord to provide the $1,250,000 needed for this project. Ask the Lord to reveal to us how we are to cooperate with the Holy Spirit in casting the vision for this campaign. Also ask him to open spiritual eyes so that others may see how this is strategic to the Father’s plans for fulfilling the Great Commission. Ask the Lord to move the hundreds of people in and outside of PRMI and the DFI to give sacrificially to provide the money needed.
  4. Lastly, ask the Father in the name of Jesus Christ to pour out on PRMI, the DFI and all associated with us, a major move of the Holy Spirit enabling this extraordinary prayer of His people which is the way the Father has decided to accomplish “the designs of Christ’s Kingdom in the world.”

Is Jesus calling you into the gap? If so, please let our Prayer Mobilizer, Martin Boardman, (martinb@prmi.org) or Prayer Director, Mary Ellen Conners, (maryellen@prmi.org) know.

Join us in this great and urgent work in PRMI/DFI’s role of participation in the global movement of the Holy Spirit that is fulfilling the Great Commission.

Thank you!!!

In Christ,

Brad Long and the PRMI/DFI Leadership Teams

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