[We asked Guy Glass, Pastor at Cornerstone Bible Church, a 7 year old congregation of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church in St. Petersburg, Florida, to share some reflections after a recent Ignite! event at his church.]

What a privilege it was for Cornerstone Church to work with the PRMI Team to host an IGNITE event for the Tampa Bay area of Florida… The focus of our IGNITE: Holy Spirit Empowering to Build Jesus’ Kingdom Now!

We were so blessed to have several churches join together with us to make this event a reality and to impact the spiritual environment of our region. Well over 100 people participated in the IGNITE weekend.

We were so blessed by seasons of passionate worship, anointed teaching, powerful encounter, life-changing manifestations and strategic impartation.

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Some highlights for us:

    • Hosting Brad Long, Joe Schlosser and Mary Ellen Conners – ministry always flows out of relationship and we sensed our partnership / friendship growing deeper throughout the whole weekend
    • Brad’s leadership was so empowering for our spiritual family [especially our leaders] – we sense an impartation that empowers us to more boldly, strategically and effectively DANCE with Holy Spirit… We learned SO MUCH from the entire PRMI Team! THANK YOU for modeling KINGDOM MINSTRY right before our eyes – WE LOVE IT!!!
    • We LOVED the Biblical teaching / framework for a growing EXPERIENCE / RELATIONSHIP with God the Holy Spirit
    • We grew exponentially in our understanding and praxis of PRAYER / INTERCESSION – THANK YOU Mary Ellen and Joe!!!
    • We sensed God reaffirming and deepening our call to be a MISSIONAL OUTPOST for the Kingdom in our neighborhood – this is SO EMPOWERING for us as a spiritual family! We also realized our need for Holy Spirit DUNAMIS (power) in order to be effective in missional ministry
    • THANK YOU for fresh manna regarding the KINGDOM OF GOD RIGHT NOW in our midst – realizing strategic ways to cooperate with Holy Spirit to see Jesus exalted and the Father’s heart of love and compassion being poured out to the least of these in our neighborhood
    • THANK YOU for unfolding and progressive insights on what it means for Cornerstone Church to truly become and be a HEALING COMMUNITAS!
    • THANK YOU for stretching us OUTSIDE our comfort zones so we can GROW and LET GO and TRUST more deeply and fully! THANK YOU for opening our eyes more fully to spiritual warfare, deliverance, cleansing, bold risk-taking, “facing the emptiness”, radical obedience, pleasing God not humans, letting go of control, relinquishing our reputation, etc.
    • THANK YOU for helping us to BECOME a more TRINITARIAN COMMUNITAS in both confession and praxis! After our IGNITE weekend, WE LOVE GOD EVEN MORE as Abba, Jesus and Holy Spirit!!!
    • THANK YOU for wisdom in our NEXT STEPS
    • THANK YOU for WALKING WITH US – we treasure our missional partnership with YOU ALL!!!
    • WE LOVE YOU!!!


Pastor Guy Glass (left) and Dr. Brad Long teaching at Ignite St. Petersburg, FL

Pastor Guy Glass (left) and Dr. Brad Long teaching at Ignite St. Petersburg, FL



View of Sanctuary where Ignite took place

View of Sanctuary where Ignite took place

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