Igniting Revivals in 2024

Igniting outpourings of the Holy Spirit has always been the core mission of PRMI. We aim to see Jesus’ Church growing in the power of the Holy Spirit. Our approach has been creating the context for God the Father to continue to fulfill Acts 1:4-8.

It is God the Father who draws people to enter His Kingdom through faith in Jesus Christ, and then it is Jesus who baptizes and fills people with the Holy Spirit so that they may become His empowered witnesses and coworkers. In this letter, we celebrate some of the ways that this is happening through PRMI.

PRMI (that was initially called Presbyterian Charismatic Communion) was established during the Charismatic Renewal that swept through the Church worldwide from the 1960s to the 1980s. Our aim was then, and still is now, to embody and respond to these moves of the Spirit within the Reformed and Presbyterian stream of the Church. More recently this has expanded to incorporate many different streams of the body of Jesus Christ, including Messianic Jews, Roman Catholics, Orthodox, Pentecostal, and all the varieties of Protestantism. Amazingly this movement that we have been called to embody has also spread well beyond the Anglo-American speaking world, to include those of other cultures, including Korean and Chinese. We want people to be awakened to an aspect of life in the Kingdom of God that is so often neglected or overlooked!

We developed the Dunamis Project to help people better understand how to cooperate with the Holy Spirit,

We developed the Dunamis Project to help people better understand how to cooperate with the Holy Spirit, anchoring this on biblical foundations and in the teachings from R.A. Torrey and D.L. Moody. The Dunamis Project, and our other equipping programs and courses, all support this overarching aim. One of the significant gifts that we bring is the skill and discipline of exercising discernment. We help people learn to distinguish between what is the genuine work of the Holy Spirit, and what has its origins in other sources, whether human or spiritual.

Today we stand on the cusp of a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit. God willing, this may become a new Great Awakening, and our Next Great Awakening Venture is a lens to help us see how all our various program expressions serve this overarching purpose.

Already we have in place the tools, practices, and protocols that can grow people’s ability to understand, respond to, and cooperate with the Spirit. Programs such as Ignite!, Dunamis Basics, or the Dunamis Project are the wine skins – the ‘containers’– that provide safe contexts where people can encounter the Holy Spirit and explore and learn how to keep in step with Him.

The Lord has surely prepared us for such a time as this. With the first disciples, we pray: “Stretch out your hand to heal and perform signs and wonders through the name of your holy servant Jesus.” And we look to see people filled with the Holy Spirit and the word of God boldly proclaimed!

Redefining PRMI’s Mission Outreach

What comes to mind when you see the word “mission”?

For PRMI, this speaks of the specific mission that the Lord has given to this ministry: igniting the Church in the power of the Holy Spirit so that she is equipped to do all that Christ commands.

So, for us, Mission Outreach means reaching out into fresh contexts and introducing new people to the Spirit’s activity and anointing. It is the work of Preparing the Altar and Igniting the Fire in new places and among new groups, igniting fresh outpourings of the Holy Spirit. Programs such as Upward Challenge, Ignite!, and Dunamis Basics are a vital part of our Mission Outreach.

In 2023, after three years of the online Upward Challenge: Global Edition, Upward Challenge was back in person at the Community of the Cross. Directed by Victoria Geurink, and with leadership help from Canada and the United Kingdom as well as the United States, a group of high school students encountered Jesus through the Holy Spirit (pictured above). They learned how to hear His voice and build foundations of faith through solo times, worship, and lab exercises. Kairos moments, visions, and prophetic words became an experiential reality for them!

One of the students described the impact like this:

It was the first time I saw Jesus and experienced Jesus and God the Father as like a friend and not some weird celestial being in the sky. It brought me a more personal relationship with Jesus.

Ignite! weekends introduce congregations to the Holy Spirit’s person, presence, and power, drawing on key teaching points from the Dunamis Project. Allen and Debbie Kemp are now taking up the reins of this work, reenvisioning and relaunching the program with fresh enthusiasm. The aim is not only for them to lead and teach, but also to multiply ministry by drawing others into active roles so that more and more congregations can be reached. This is part of our mission to see churches enriched and equipped by catching the Holy Spirit’s flame and growing in faithfulness to Jesus Christ.

Recent years have taught us the power of the internet, the new “Roman Road” for reaching fresh audiences. Our Dunamis Basics program, creatively developed by Dr. James Kearny, enables individuals and small groups to access basic Dunamis teaching from four of our six core topics. He is also building an ever-growing online audience through topical videos and pointing people towards these courses. Through short videos followed by discussion, personal reflection, and prayer, new people are being introduced to the baptism of the Holy Spirit and learning how to keep in step with Him.

In an overseas context, our Mission Outreach has taken us to Liberia (pictured above), where PRMI Board Member, Bishop Jim Logan, together with Dr. Kearny, gave teaching about the Holy Spirit to a network of over 300 pastors. We continue to be active in Haiti under the leadership of Fr. Sadoni Leon, with fresh outpourings of the Holy Spirit taking place in the Dunamis conferences. In the Czech Republic, we have growing connections with charismatic Catholics and an independent healing ministry, where our teaching on the Holy Spirit’s work in healing, deliverance, and spiritual warfare is helping to equip believers to do all that Christ commands.

If you would like to engage with some aspect of PRMI’s Mission Outreach, please contact prmi@prmi.org and we would be glad to help you get involved.

The idea of revival is not something new.

The idea of revival is not something new. Followers of Jesus have always welcomed revival, where people’s hearts and lives are changed. Healing and deliverance may take place in this context. The Church is renewed, and everyone is happy. But revival, in this way, does not necessarily have a lasting effect on the community at large. For lasting change to occur, revival must move to awakening, and even to a Great Awakening.

In a Great Awakening, outpourings of the Holy Spirit lead to the transformation and empowerment of individuals and groups gathered together. As a church experiences an outpouring of the Spirit, the congregation grows in love for the Lord and in the empowerment of the Spirit. They are called to be witnesses for Jesus and the Lord gives vision and discernment for outreach. Empowered believers become salt and light in their communities, attracting the spiritually thirsty to taste and see that the Lord is good.

Individuals and groups empowered by the Spirit begin to bring change and transformation to their local community as more and more people are touched by the Lord and brought into a vital, dynamic relationship with Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit. Under the direction of the Spirit, empowered, Spirit-filled believers can impact all aspects of our culture and bring effective local, state, and federal policy change.

The outpouring of the Spirit, while beginning within the community of believers, quickly moves beyond the walls of the church to bring a cultural transformation and healing that restores Judeo-Christian values in our society, advances the Kingdom of God, and brings us closer to the fulfillment of the Great Commission.

During the Second Great Awakening, the Holy Spirit worked through people like George Whitfield, John Wesley, and William Wilberforce to bring spiritual renewal to the United Kingdom and the United States. The Spirit also brought cultural transformation. The abolition of slavery was spearheaded by Wilberforce, who was also instrumental in establishing multiple societies that sought to tackle poverty. The Holy Spirit led people to address the social ills of the day, resulting in radical changes to working and living conditions for everyone.

The study of the biblical narrative, and the history of past revivals and awakenings, reveals an underlying pattern to those outpourings of the Holy Spirit that lead to change in people’s lives. This pattern consists of preparing the altar, igniting the fire, and sustaining the flame.

Preparing the Altar
Space is created for the Holy Spirit to be poured out on a prepared people in a specific place and time.

Igniting the Fire
Outpourings of the Spirit are sovereign moves of God, but they are often mediated through individuals actively cooperating with the Lord in a Kairos moment.

Sustaining the Flame
As individuals, churches, and communities experience the powerful moves of the Spirit, there is a need for education, mentoring, and the stewardship of spiritual gifts. New believers must be discipled, instructed, and encouraged to walk in step with the Holy Spirit.

PRMI has a track record of doing all three of these, as well as encouraging evangelism, baptism with the Spirit, and earnest intercession for outpourings of the Spirit. We believe the Lord is positioning PRMI as a critical player in igniting outpourings of the Holy Spirit that may lead to the Next Great Awakening. As a ministry, we seek to create a context where the Holy Spirit can be poured out in empowerment.

During the last few years, we have seen the Holy Spirit poured out at Dunamis events. People are empowered to walk in cooperation with the Holy Spirit into evangelism and other empowered ministry. Along with empowerment, we have witnessed an increase in the Holy Spirit ministering physical and inner healing. We believe the Lord is preparing to do even more outpourings in the next few years, we eagerly look forward to playing our part in this move of God, and we invite you to join us in this mission.

New Book Release!

Igniting Revivals in the Power of the Holy Spirit is an exciting new book by Zeb Bradford Long and Philip J. Noordmans with Barbara Koob.

Revivals and Great Awakenings don’t just happen. Learning from Scripture, and practices established by leaders in historic revival moments, we see patterns that we can put in place to pave the way for prevailing moves of God in our day.

The three great macro movements of revival are (1) Preparing the Altar, (2) Igniting the Fire, and (3) Sustaining the Flame. This book explores what each of these entails and, through engaging, real-life illustrations, will help you understand how to put the teachings into practice.

The work of prayer is an essential ingredient since, as R.A. Torrey declared, “There has never been a mighty revival without mighty prayer.” Through this book, readers will discover how to pray strategically and how to cooperate with the Holy Spirit to usher in the mighty moves of God into our desperately broken world.

God moved mightily on the Day of Pentecost to empower His disciples and prepare them to advance the gospel around the world. Our hearts cry, “Do it again, Lord!”

“If you are one who yearns to see the fulfillment of the prayer, “Your Kingdom come,” I can’t recommend this book highly enough.” -David Westra (Pastor, Gold Avenue Church; Author, The Gospel Tool)

“Brad Long writes important books and articles, well researched and showing the leading of the Holy Spirit. This book is no exception. Get a hold of it, be inspired, and participate in revival.” -Daniel Juster (Th. D. Restoration from Zion of Tikkun International)

“Brad and Phil have brilliantly described a set of biblical keys that we can easily understand and use in preparation for continuous revivals in the power of the Holy Spirit. This book has the potential to not just ignite a revival but sustain the flame and have it spread like wildfire to advance the kingdom of God by transforming people and nations for such a time as this!” -Barbara Koob (Writing Project Manager for the PRMI Executive Director; Author, Dream Discoveries)

You can find more information at www.prmi.org/ignitingrevivals on this remarkable work “Igniting Revivals in the Power of the Holy Spirit”!

We invite you to join us in three ways:

First is through prayer. The beginning of all outpourings of the Holy Spirit and advancing the gospel of Jesus Christ has always been and will continue to be prayer! Join us in this work of prayer and intercession, to learn more visit www.pmri.org/prayerop  

Second, participate in our many programs and become equipped to participate in the Holy Spirit’s great move to advance the Kingdom of God. See www.prmi.org/events for more on how to be equipped through PRMI events in 2024.  

The third is through financial giving. PRMI is a faith-based ministry, and we depend completely upon the Lord’s provision through your donations to continue this great work. Providing the context for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit requires a lot of resources and finances for administration, bringing in teachers, and providing materials. Your gifts enable us to prepare the context for the Holy Spirit to be poured out.  

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