PRMI has added another Ignite event! A few weeks ago we piloted an event on Listening Evangelism.

The following report about that weekend is from Rev. Rod Pinder, the pastor of Woodbury Presbyterian Church in Orlando, FL.

“Our Ignite! event last week-end was wonderful. Nearly 80 people participated. Most of them were from Woodbury but people from other churches, most notably Cornerstone Presbyterian Church in St. Petersburg FL, shared this terrific occasion with us.

The fellowship was delightful. The Holy Spirit’s presence was evident. The food was scrumptious.

The teaching was profound, inspiring and just what we needed. Jeanne Kraak and Chris Walker talked about Spirit-led evangelism in ways that were understandable, inspiring and do-able.

Want some evidence as to how effective the teaching was? Attendance at worship the next day was about 30% higher than it has been for more than a year! More than 250 copies of The (Little) Book of Love and invitations to our Holy Week and Easter services were taken home to be distributed! It seems we didn’t just learn about sharing our faith, we were equipped to do it and do it better.

Further, it is clear to me that God used this event to deepen the spiritual lives of a number of participants. I’ve heard three or four stories about how our brothers and sisters are walking more closely and powerfully with the Holy Spirit as a result of that weekend.”

If you would be interested in hosting such an event at your church, contact Jeanne Kraak (828) 669-7373 or

Demonstrating “dancing with the Holy Spirit” at Ignite

Demonstrating “dancing with the Holy Spirit” at Ignite

Worship at the Listening Evangelism Ignite

Worship at the Listening Evangelism Ignite

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