Recently we offered an online course on intercession. People from Alaska, California, Kentucky, North Carolina and New Jersey spent time each week watching videos and reading materials in preparation for 3 online meetings where we shared questions, experiences and prayer for each other.

We asked one of the attendees, Joel Webb from Chapel by the Lake Presbyterian Church in Juneau, AK, to share about his experience with the course.

Cross overlooking Juneau, Alaska

Cross overlooking Juneau, Alaska

I’m a relative newcomer to PRMI and the Dunamis courses.

God in His gracious love for me has used the courses, teachers, and community of the Dunamis Alaska Fellowship to teach me to walk with Him rather than just knowing about Him.

Following the “Growing the Kingdom Community” course at Victory Bible Camp (Palmer, Alaska), I felt a personal call to move into intercessory prayer for our church leadership and invited some folks in our church body to do the same.

Where God calls he provides… have you ever felt underequipped? Not qualified?

If you haven’t then you’re not like me.

It’s an affirmation of God’s love (2 Cor. 12:9) that this is also the place, in weakness, through grace, and in faith that God provides strength. God’s answer to my dilemma was the discovery that in ten days Mary Ellen Conners would be facilitating the Exploring Intercessory Prayer course online from Black Mountain.

Consistent with all of my PRMI/Dunamis experiences this course was a blessing.

The teaching was a strong, scriptural-centered exploration of the basis of intercession that brings honor to Jesus Christ.

Course themes included: hearing from God, discerning and seeking confirmation, practical aspects of effective intercession as part of a team, and the need to establish loving communication with those for whom we intercede.

A number of folks from our congregation attended at least one of the three sessions and we recently held our first group intercessory prayer meeting.

There’s a lot of excitement to move in cooperation with the Spirit as He calls us forward.

I’d like to personally thank Mary Ellen and PRMI for this course and particularly compliment Mary Ellen for the grace and skill with which she handled having nine people in a room for a video chat with a barely functional audio connection. Well done!

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