The Lord is moving the Ministry of PRMI forward with the vision of the Prayer House at the Community of the Cross.

But as an international ministry, with events taking place around the world, why is it necessary to set aside a place like this?

Listen to why the Prayer House is important even for those who will not have opportunity to visit.

As the Prayer Mobilizer working to mobilize prayer throughout the Dunamis Fellowship International. I spend most of my time working out of my office in Brooks Alberta Canada, thousands of miles from the Community of the Cross.

How the Prayer House will benefit those who will never even be there

The Prayer House will become a hub for intercession, that will sustain and support the army of intercessors which the Lord is calling PRMI to help raise.

The intercessor in the role of specialist:

One part of that army are the prayer cohorts.

These cohorts are not the entire army, but have a specific purpose within the army.

Listen to how these cohorts fit into the larger scheme of the army.

How is the Lord calling you to be involved in this Army?

Is it to help build the prayer house into a hub for intercession? Is it to be involved in the general intercession or as a member of a specific prayer cohort?

Take time to listen in prayer to how the Lord would have you respond, then leave a comment below to get in touch with me.

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