Since the Community of the Cross was established in 2003 (read the history of the Community of the Cross here), a lot of people have come to the Community of the Cross to receive

  • Teaching on how to cooperate with the Holy Spirit
  • Experiences of spiritual gifts for ministry
  • Healing as they have encounters with Jesus
  • Restoration for their soul as they walk the land, spend time in prayer, and take time for rest.

As I look out 10 years and beyond from now in 2017, I can see how the Prayer House will continue to serve the work of prayer for the ministry of PRMI.

Not Enough Space

Right now, there is not enough available space for prayer groups and prayer ministry teams.

If you’ve been to the Community of the Cross, you know what it’s like to pray in cramped rooms, or to delay a prayer appointment for lack of a private space. The Prayer House will have rooms to solve this problem.

Main Chapel No Chairs at the Prayer House, Community of the Cross, Black Mountain NC

A Quiet Place for Prayer

Other times, we have intercessors in residence who need a quiet and undisturbed place for prayer. The current buildings at the Community of the Cross function as our full time offices and gathering places. Trying to find a quiet place of prayer during an event or during the work week is simply impossible.  The prayer house will provide that dedicated space for intercessors in residence to do their work.

Cloistered Chapel with chairs at the Prayer House at the Community of the Cross

A Place of Prayer for the World and Local Community

As the ministry of PRMI grows, more groups are using the Community of the Cross as their gathering place for prayer.

Groups gather to pray about specific global issues, join with other 24/7 prayer centers around the world via high speed Internet. Some people come to the Community of the Cross to meet with a team for personal prayer ministry.

A Place of Encounter with Jesus Christ

What I imagine most is that people who come to the Community of the Cross will find this to be a place of encounter with Jesus to find healing and restoration so they can be sent back into whatever ministry they are called.

Would you give to the Prayer Initiative? We are in a season we are calling: Equipped to Pray.

We are asking all in the PRMI family to pray about what role they can play in giving to advance the work of prayer.

Here is a brief description of what is needed so that this vision can be a reality:

Click donate and mark your gift for the prayer house or prayer initiative.

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