Evangelism is a process that includes many conversations with a person on their spiritual journey to Christ.

They might happen with a stranger in one conversation (like Phillip had an encounter with the eunuch), or with a close friend where you can have multiple spiritual conversations that shape that person’s journey to Christ.

As an evangelist and church planter, I have learned some ways to have more spiritual conversation opportunities than simply waiting for them to happen.

If you were to look back at the last 7 days of your life, how many times did you get to share something about your relationship with Christ with a non-believing friend?

If your answer is zero, then what can you do to change that?

Let me share one tip with you.

Front Porch Visiting with an Uncle

The Starting Point for More Faith Conversations is Prayer

Now Samuel did not yet know the LORD : The word of the LORD had not yet been revealed to him. – 1 Samuel 3.7

As I read this a few mornings ago, I simply began to think:

  • Who am I praying for to know the Lord?
  • Who am I praying for God to reveal His word?

I can think of several people today in the reach of my life who do not yet know the Lord.

Many of you know that prayer precedes personal evangelism.

Yet I encounter more and more people that still feel somewhat clumsy in actually praying for people who don’t know the Lord.

Start with a Prayer List

A prayer list is a great exercise as it forces us to pay attention to the number of relationships with non-Christians.

Take a moment to look at your significant relationships.   Think of people you choose to spend time with on somewhat of a regular basis.

On a scratch sheet of paper, make a list of friends who immediately come to mind.  Try to name as many as possible in the next 60 seconds.

Write those names down.

Now look over the list.

  1. Who goes to church with you? Cross them off this list.
  2. Who attends another church regularly? Cross them off.
  3. Who shows evidence of a relationship with Christ? Cross them off.
  4. Who is left?
  5. Do you have anyone left on the list?

You may find that you know some people who go to church with you, yet have no evidence of a relationship with Christ.  Feel free to add them or keep them on your list.

Once you have that list, then pray regularly for them by name.

Here are a few ways to pray for them:

  • Give me eyes to see their spiritual thirst. 
  • Give me opportunity to speak with them.
  • Give them a thirst, help me to see it.
  • Help them move another step closer to you.
  • Reveal yourself to them in undeniable ways.

What about you?  Who are you praying for today?

As you pray for them by name, obey any guidance the Lord gives you:

  • Is God inviting me to spend a little more time with them?
  • What is the next “do” with them? Call? Coffee? Cookout?

Next Steps:

For the next 30 days, ask God each day to give you more spiritual conversations.

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