When the Dunamis Fellowship International met in January 2020 we learned what it means to be expanding your ministry. We sensed the Lord calling us to lengthen the cords and strengthen our tent pegs, based on the imagery found in Isaiah 54:2-3.

Since then, we have stepped into a new world, quarantined by a pandemic, and expanding online in ways we had not dreamed of just a few months ago.

Our meeting was an incredible experience. It was one of those types of gatherings that we will look back at and say, “something shifted at that meeting.”

We talked about expanding our tent pegs and keys to what it looks like in expanding your ministry!

As I look back now that was a prophetic phrase of what is happening now.

At that moment in January 2020, we had ideas of what we thought that meant and how the Lord had been calling us to grow in 2020. But who could have imagined this pandemic, altering our plans and redirecting our efforts into greater outreach online?

In the past 2 months,

  • Hundreds of people are growing as intercessors through regular online prayer
  • Other ministries around the world are learning on how to lead their own prayer meetings online through our classes
  • People receive personal prayer ministry from PRMI teams online
Unity through Zoom calls, PRMI seeks to empower believers to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

In the month of May, we are praying for

  • Hundreds of people to receive prayer to be filled with the Holy Spirit through our Virtual Upper Rooms hosted by our Dunamis teachers and intercessors.
  • Thousands of people to download a free book on the baptism of the Holy Spirit, our core teaching to get started in cooperation with the Spirit.

Note: You may follow this link to download your free copy today!

To be baptized with the Holy Spirit, read more at prmi.org

The call to go make disciples among the nations has not changed. PRMI’s call to ignite the church in the power of the Holy Spirit has not changed. We still create contexts where the Holy Spirit can work. We still provide venues where people can be filled with the Holy Spirit and learn how to cooperate with the Holy Spirit.

The keywords to our mission in the Dunamis Fellowship is to mobilize, equip, and deploy, and it is happening!

The “how” and “where” has transitioned to an online environment, but our mission is consistent. Even when we start meeting again face to face in PRMI events, our online expansion now will help us develop new tools to continue to reach people online long after this quarantine.

Our Fellowship has always been sometimes gathered, and mostly scattered. We are learning to be a unified community in new ways, and I expect we will benefit from these learnings.

Thank you for being part of the Dunamis Fellowship International. I am praying for you as you walk with Jesus through this unchartered time to expand your ministry.

Expanding Your Ministry by Impact

I was blessed to attend the Dunamis Fellowship Britain and Ireland annual gathering this year in Northampton, United Kingdom, March 6-8, 2020.

The virus had not yet erupted in the United Kingdom, and we were grateful that we could meet together.

Dunamis Fellowship Korea had to cancel their gathering in February and Dunamis Fellowship Canada cancelled their meeting for March 28.

There have been Dunamis Projects postponed in Korea, the United Kingdom, in Canada and four additional Projects in the United States, since the outbreak began.

It has been heart breaking to take these steps and postpone these events, but essential to protect our brothers and sisters and honor our governing authorities.

No weapon formed against you shall prosper, expanding your ministry.

Staying Connected by Expanding Your Ministry

In the meantime, people across the world have been developing creative ways of staying in touch by creating Facebook groups, daily emails and long-distance video calls to continue expanding your ministry.  

We have seen an increase of traffic on our web site, as the Holy Spirit empowers us to teach others.

We have encouraged people to use PRMI’s online resources as a tool to expand your ministry.

Expand The Work Of Prayer

When we were together back in January, Brad and Martin shared a vision for expanded prayer work needed in early 2020.

We sensed the Lord was calling us to urgently mobilize prayer, so we started to put things in motion at that time.

We contracted with Charisma Media to “extend our reach” through their network and support/consulting services. By the middle of April, we had almost 4,000 more people on our email list!

Transitioning into an Online Context

Martin started leading daily prayer meetings at noon 12pm (EST), where he has welcomed 30-75 people each day for 30-45 mins of prayer for the nations!

The Shalom prayer calls initiative has become a “lifeline” for many individuals who are expanding their ministry, who have expressed feelings of fear and isolation in this season.

There have been many other called prayer calls taking place; such as, praying for the virus, for the President of the United States, for China, for unity in the Body of Jesus Christ, for Passover/Easter and a move of the Holy Spirit to bring revival in these days.

Update On The Capital Campaign

Another significant turning point that happened since the outbreak began, had been the decision made by the PRMI Board to put a “pause” on the capital campaign for the PRMI Prayer House.

We were blessed to receive gifts of almost $200,000 in the first two and a half months of 2020, just before the stock market crashed and COVID-19 took off.

Financially, this enables us to get the PRMI Prayer House “weathered in.”

If it needs to sit for a season, it will do so without being harmed by the elements.

We praise God for those of you, who gave so generously and sacrificially to get us to where we are now. The still construction continues, and we believe God to do a complete work.

Prayer House Update

It is so exciting to see the Prayer House going up, at the Community of the Cross. So much has happened since the dedication during our annual meeting in January!

Windows and doors are in, now they are working on insulation and dry wall. The siding will go up next month.

PRMI prayer house is built as a place where people can gather to pray and be empowered as witnesses for Jesus Christ! Expanding Your Ministry.

Our builder is working with smaller teams. As this pandemic has presented complications with people “calling out” because of the virus. But still, the work continues to expand the ministry.

PRMI prayer house is built as a place where people can gather to pray and be empowered as witnesses for Jesus Christ! Expanding Your Ministry

I hope you have seen the recent pictures on our Friday Construction Updates posted on our PRMI Facebook page, along with update through our emails.

Let me know how to pray for you.

I have been praying for you all and would love to hear from you and how you are expanding your ministry!

Please feel free to drop me a note at cindy@prmi.org,

Shalom dear friends!

Cindy Strickler
DFI Director

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