We see a move of God calling Confucian Cultures to Reach the Muslim World. This is not a task to undertake lightly. Here is how PRMI got involved with Dunamis Fellowship Korea to partner with Korean Intercessors for this work.

Korea has long been a dynamo for the work of intercessory prayer worldwide.

On a Saturday in October 2016 in the city of Daejon, our UK and American Team joined Ben and Liz Torrey for a remarkable experience of connecting with one of these dynamos for the prayer movement: All Nations Intercessors (ANI).

Contributing Through Intercession to the Founding of Dunamis Fellowship Korea

This group is led by Sarah Lee, who is an on-fire intercessor. I met her and this group of intercessors at our first major Korean Dunamis Teaching event in 2008.

At that time, in part due to their intercessory prayer support, we experienced a major outpouring of the Holy Spirit that has contributed greatly to the founding of the Dunamis Fellowship Korea.

Sarah Lee, the on fire founder and director of All Nations Intercessors
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Sarah Lee, the on-fire founder and director of All Nations Intercessors

Presenting the Prayer Strategy

The large hall in the multi story headquarters of the ministry was packed out with hundreds of participants, some of whom had flown in from different parts of Asia just for the one day seminar. I am thankful for Ben Torrey who set up this meeting with ANI as the best place to begin to introduce the Prayer Strategy for Jesus’ Victory over Radical Islam.

Strength in Weakness

We walked into the meeting at 8:30 am after having just landed in Korea after long flights, a three-hour drive, and a very short night, bewildered and numb from travel and jet lag. But the Holy Spirit was powerfully present.

Satan’s Schemes

I presented Satan’s four schemes in Radical Islam. These include the replacement of God’s way of salvation through Jesus Christ with the deception of Islam and the genocide of Jews and Christians in order to destroy God’s Old and New Testament covenants. The Holy Spirit fell on me to enable me to present these terrible plans in Islam which Satan is so effectively hiding from the world.

The People of Chopsticks

Then I presented the Holy Spirit’s call for intercessors to join in God’s master strategy of sending waves of the Holy Spirit to defeat the demonic strongholds based on Islam and to advance the Gospel into the entire Muslim world. Ben Torrey was then anointed to powerfully present the wave of the Holy Spirit of “The People of Chopsticks.”

Confucian Cultures Called to Reach the Muslim World

This is the extraordinary calling of the Koreans, Japanese, and Chinese–all of whom are part of Confucian culture–to take the Gospel to Muslims with much less opposition than those cultures coming from the Judeo-Christian worldview.

Reconciling China, Korea, and Japan through Prayer

Ben also spoke prophetically, illuminating the role of Korean Christians in praying for their “elder brother” China and in being the vanguard of the prayer movement worldwide. He led prayers for the unity of the Church and for Koreans and Chinese to be able to forgive the Japanese for atrocities committed against them before and during World War II.

Connecting to God’s Calling

As Ben presented all this history and God’s calling for the present I could feel the Koreans connecting totally and being swept up into this movement of the Holy Spirit.

Brad Long, Ben Torrey, and Rebecca Lee (Sarah Lee's daughter) praying together up front
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Brad Long, Ben Torrey, and Rebecca Lee (Sarah Lee’s daughter) praying together up front

The Moses and Joshua Roles in Intercession

I then returned to talk about the strategies and tactics of intercession with an emphasis on the role of small intercessory prayer teams like Moses, Aaron, and Hur supporting Joshua in fighting the Amalekites. Cindy Strickler and Mary Ellen shared their roles in this intercessory prayer work.

Strategic Intercessor Rees Howells

I could see many in the group connecting with this as there are many different roles needed in the work of prayer. I concluded with the example of the role of Rees Howells and the intercessors at the Bible College of Wales praying that God would bind Hitler during the grim days when 300,000 British and French troops were being driven into the sea at the town of Dunkirk in 1940.

A Personal Testimony to the Effectiveness of Strategic Intercession

To top it all off, Paul Stokes from England stepped up and said, “If Rees Howells had not prayed, I would not have been born, because my Grandfather was one of those British soldiers who was trapped on the beach but was rescued.”

The Holy Spirit Mobilizing Korean Intercessors

This was an amazing event and I believe the Holy Spirit has taken another step in mobilizing a contingent of ardent Korean intercessors for His army to bring the Gospel into the Muslim world.

They were already engaged in intercession. But from the feedback of prayer network leaders after meeting, God had used us to focus their attention on the true dangers of Islam and to galvanize their intercession for defeating Satan’s plans and converting Muslims to saving faith in Jesus Christ.

Hundreds of participants praying together in unity. God is already raising up a great army of Korean intercessors for Jesus' victory over Radical Islam. It is urgent that the rest of the Christian world join them in this prayer movement
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Hundreds of participants praying together in unity. God is already raising up a great army of Korean intercessors for Jesus’ victory over Radical Islam. It is urgent that the rest of the Christian world join them in this prayer movement

A Mountaintop Equipping Camp in Korea

We are exploring when a full five-day Mountain Top Equipping Camp can be offered in Korea to provide practical teaching on these strategies and tactics of Intercession.

Please pray for this to happen as soon as possible, as the time is short and it is urgent to defeat this nemesis of Radical Islam before Satan can further implement his plans of replacement and obtain the means for carrying out a global genocide of Jews and Christians.

A Prayer Strategy for the Victory of Jesus Christ

Join in this winning over Islam for Jesus Christ. Jesus must win in this war declared by Satan through Radical Islam! But this will happen only if we–Jesus’ born again friends and coworkers–join with Him in doing our part of intercessory prayer that is led and empowered by the Holy Spirit.

To inform your prayers, I have written two books. The first will help you better understand the natural and spiritual dynamics of this war. It is now available through Amazon in both paperback and Kindle version or through the PRMI office. The second book is currently being edited and will be available within the next few weeks.

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Book II
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For discounts on multiple copies, order from PRMI at prmi@prmi.org or call the USA office at 828-669-7373.

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