Lisa’s Christian journey began in a typical way.

As a teen, somewhat under pressure from a parent, she began a relationship with God by venturing to the back prayer room at her church.

It wasn’t until nearly 20 years later, as a member of the Presbyterian Church of Old Greenwich (PCOG), that Lisa’s vocabulary changed to include Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

The Lord used the acceptance of the Trinity as a turning point in Lisa’s life.

As she recalls, “It was only when I accepted the Trinity that I truly changed.”

Upon beginning her journey with Jesus, Lisa noticed friends filled with the Spirit. That’s what she wanted—a transformed life.

Especially, the prophetic gift interested her. She considered prophets as having the ultimate gift until the Lord revealed to her that all gifts are important. “Each of us has our own calling and together the gifts work for the advancement of His kingdom. Not one gift is more important than the other.”

Then Lisa was introduced to the Dunamis Project teaching through her pastor at PCOG. She began to understand the importance of “dancing with the Holy Spirit.”

At a Dunamis event, “Susan Finck showed a clip of Dancing with the Stars and how graceful the dance can be between two people when practiced and correctly done, and I feel when I am in that dance with the Holy Spirit and He leads and I follow, it is so natural and easy to do the things He calls me to do.”

The PRMI teachings on the Holy Spirit encouraged Lisa to correctly use her gifting. She has been especially encouraged in the ministries of healing and deliverance.

“The dance is to know God’s timing to pray for healing and then God’s timing to approach deliverance. Also, it’s a team-thing. Dunamis showed me that we are to be part of a team and it is through teamwork that God’s will is accomplished. I find in a team I can speak what I feel God has placed on my heart, but it is up to the team to discern whether that thought is to fall to the ground or something we press into.”

“Each time I finish a Dunamis teaching it’s like a spiritual graduation. The increased knowledge and cooperation with the Spirit enables more authority or maybe God trusts me more with what He has given me.”

Lisa gains more ministry tools through the teaching. When Lisa is asked about what hope she has for further transformation in her life she says that she desires to be more and more like her Lord. “I want to see other people as He sees them; to be able to love unconditionally like He does. I desire to spend more time with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and become more attuned to His voice.”

Lisa’s prayer is that her friends and loved ones will know the Trinity in His fullness.

“To know that God’s plans are not our plans; to live in His plan is so much better than in our own plan, and to see God’s handiwork through us is the most humbling experience I know.”

Recently, a friend told Lisa how much Lisa had impacted her life. The friend talked about having a sore leg for three weeks. Finally, she broke down and determined she should follow Lisa’s example and pray. She stopped at that very moment, prayed, and God healed her! In response, Lisa said, “To God be the glory!”

As the journey continues, Lisa seeks to continually live life empowered by the Spirit. “Without the Holy Spirit I am weak—empowered by my own thoughts and own interpretation of God wants me to do.” Definitely, she does not want to go back to life without the Trinity!

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