Host an Ignite Weekend

Ignite is a two day seminar which provides opportunity for a congregation to catch the Holy Spirit’s flame and grow in faithfulness to Jesus Christ.

Ignite conveys a Biblical message (from a Reformed perspective) that will enrich and empower the people of your church, enabling them to serve with joy.

Through an Ignite experience, you can help kindle or rekindle the fires of renewal in the Holy Spirit in your congregation so that there may be deepening fellowship, growing faith in Jesus Christ, and empowerment to advance the Kingdom of God.

Cost to Host an Ignite Event

PRMI has a long-standing policy of not charging for ministry.

Rather, we seek to be obedient to the leading of the Holy Spirit, be faithful to Jesus Christ, offer ministry where invited, and share the vision and the needs of the work.

We invite you to share in enabling this work of renewal through prayers, participation and financial support.

At the Ignite event, we ask for the opportunity to share the vision of PRMI and to provide an opportunity to receive an offering for PRMI.

Your church might consider how to cover the costs of housing, food, and lodging out of a section of your church budget, so that 100% of the event offering will advance the work of PRMI.

How to Get Started with Ignite Weekend

Start with a call to PRMI’s office and ask about an Ignite.  

That is really the best way to get started.

Once you decide a date, begin praying for your event.

Publicity and registration are the local church’s responsibility.  

You will need to promote it as best as you can and get people out to it.  PRMI will put the date on its website, but redirect interested people to you to register.

Pray that the Holy Spirit will draw people to your Ignite Weekend.

Pray specifically that the Holy Spirit will empower people for the work of ministry through the teaching of the Word and the experience of the Spirit.

Call the office at 828-669-7373 at start the conversation, or fill out this form.

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