September 13-17 we offered prayer that is focused on healing ministry at the Community of the Cross. There were 19 who came for one, two or three days of ministry.

They came from as far as Illinois and as close as Black Mountain, NC.

The Lord moved powerfully ministering His touch in physical healing, emotional healing, relational healing and healing people from demonization. We saw burdens lifted and restoration come to all those who came for prayer.

The days were structured so that every part would contribute to healing.

Mornings we began with worship led by Sondra Kraak. Her gentleness and love helped set the tone for each day, making it a safe place for people to come and enter into the presence of Jesus, who is the one who heals.

We then received a short Bible teaching led by Benjamin McEntire, grounding us in the word each day.

Then the group was split in two with half going into personal prayer ministry appointments and the other half participating in the WALK.

The WALK provided an opportunity for contemplative prayer and focused time alone with the Lord, while moving around the trails of the COC. People met Jesus in both contexts and He ministered deeply into areas of brokenness and pain.

The afternoons were spent in much the same way, with those who were on the WALK in the morning going into prayer sessions in the afternoon.

Tea time gave everyone a break and then we gathered for wonderful meals cooked by Joyce and Terry Davis (with set up and clean up provided by those gathered). The evenings were a time to be back in worship and praise for what Jesus had done during the day.

There was a sense of Jesus’ peace and presence throughout the whole time.

The prayer teams were made up of about 35 volunteers who came to provide hospitality, worship, the WALK, intercession and prayer ministry.

It was wonderful to see these teams come together – many had never met before the week, but the Lord knit them together to provide the healing context and focused ministry that was needed. Jesus moved in power and was glorified throughout the week.

Healing Weeks are offered at the Community of the Crossonce or twice a year. The next one will be in June 2012. Please watch online for the exact dates. Healing Week is offered in the UK under the name Living Waters. The next one will be in Plymouth, October 26-30.

Graduating Class of Advanced Healing and Deliverance Course - 2011

2010-2011 Advanced Healing Course Graduation – All stayed to take part in Healing Week

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