The Healing Ministry of Jesus Christ! Dunamis Project Equipping Event # 4 Jesus’ Healing Power and Love!

Would you like to see your congregation growing in healing ministry? I (Brad Long) believe it is God’s intention that every congregation be a place where the healing love and power of Jesus Christ may be experienced.

We have always taught that Jesus’ healing includes all the dimensions of reality, our spirit, our soul or body, our relationships, indeed the nations and the whole created order. The church must be a place for Jesus’ healing works as an expression of the full extent of the Gospel.

A good place to begin is on our faces praying for the Holy Spirit to move in our congregations. Prayer is always the most important preparation for welcoming the Holy Spirit to do his work through us. Another very good beginning place is to take part in the Dunamis Project #4 on the Healing Ministry of Jesus Christ. The reports that come back from these events are just amazing! At the recent Dunamis event in Michigan, where Jeanne Kraak, Tom Swieringa and Mary Sterenberg taught, those attending experienced Jesus wonderfully at work.

Jeanne reports, “We taught and experienced Jesus moving in love and healing power – it was an incredible time of experiencing the presence and power of God.” As inner healing was taught along with shared stories, there was common identification within some participants of being emotionally hurt as children. There followed a kairos moment of ministry opportunity for inner and physical healing for many within the group. Following the ministry time there was celebration of Jesus Christ as the one who lives and is at work in all forms of healing in the world today.”

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