In the New Testament we find that Jesus works in six different forms of healing.

  • The first is spiritual healing which restores our relationship with God the Father and brings us into the Kingdom of God – this is always Jesus’ priority.
  • Inner healing which undoes the wounding effects of our own sin and being sinned against.
  • Relational Healing which brings forgiveness and reconciliation in our relationships, from our own families to races and nations.
  • Physical Healing in which we begin to have a foretaste of the resurrection power of Jesus Christ in our bodies.
  • Healing of the creation that restores human beings in dominion over the earth, beginning to heal the effects the Fall and looking toward a New Heaven and a New Earth.
  • The final is Jesus’ work of removing evil spirits that through our sin have gained a foothold and are blocking the advancement of the Kingdom of God to every dimension of reality.

At the healing week we were delighted to have experienced Jesus Christ working in all these forms of healing.

Giving praise for all that Jesus did at the Healing Week at the Community of the Cross.

While this does not provide scientific proof of healing ministry – it certainly does provide eye witness reports of the activity of Jesus working through the Holy Spirit in ways that we could observe and the positive results we saw. This stuff is real!

The Healing Week at the Community of the Cross is a unique event, pulling together the different elements of prayer, worship, fellowship, and prayer ministry teams to provide a context for cooperating with the Holy Spirit in Jesus’ healing ministry.

This took place as a team gathered to offer the healing prayer ministry and hospitality that created the context for Jesus’ work. Over fifty people came from the US, England and Korea, most of whom had been through PRMI’s Dunamis Project equipping on healing and deliverance ministry.

To prepare for this, many of the team members came in to form the community a day or two ahead.

Then there were those who came for prayer. They alternated between doing the Walk of Prayer – meeting privately with Jesus – and meeting with prayer teams. Those prayer teams spent time, sometimes many hours, providing love and prayer to help those receiving prayer to cooperate with what the Holy Spirit was doing in their lives.

Eating on the porch - COC

Eating on the front porch of the log house at the COC

There is no staff assigned to provide hospitality at the Community of the Cross- we all share together in the cooking and clean up as a big family. There is no charge to take part in this event. Jesus’ healing ministry is a free gift to all. But obviously there is huge expense in offering this event, from the cost of food to administration, to people coming in. To cover these expenses and to extend the vision of Jesus’ healing work reaching around the world, offerings are received.

The Facilities at the Community of the Cross were packed out!

We are in urgent need of more space for all the people receiving prayer. We are also urgently in need of accommodations on-site so that the prayer teams do not have to go back to hotels and homes where they can stay. So pray that God will provide what is needed to keep growing this vital work of healing at the Community of the Cross.

We are really excited to announce that this model of healing prayer is already going beyond the Community of the Crossand we will start a UK version soon called “Living Waters.”

Above all we want to honor and give thanks to Jesus for all that He did in our midst.

Cindy Strickler leading team in prayer

The Rev. Cindy Strickler, Director of the Dunamis Fellowship International, leading the team in prayers of preparation for the event.

We had a large team of about 50 who gathered to form the healing prayer community. This was amazing! They also packed out our back porch. The fellowship and learning together was an important aspect of this event and one of the reasons why Jesus was so welcomed to work in power and love in healing.

While we certainly are grateful to all those who came to offer ministry and all else needed to form this healing community, (they all came at their own expense and some at great sacrifice) it was above all Jesus who was doing the work. He gets all the praise and the glory for the healing that took place.

To protect confidentiality, and to keep this from just being a show, we can only say that there was great blessing and amazing working of the Holy Spirit. And indeed every form of healing took place. In the video the ministry team describes some of what they saw Jesus doing. Please watch that and join us in giving thanks!

The release of art took place for many as they experienced new freedom and wholeness in Jesus.

One aspect of this event that was remarkable was the explosion of art that took place. Whenever Jesus is working to restore us to the original dominion, that includes restoring us to creativity as artists, as our Triune God is the ultimate creator and artist.

Everywhere there were paintings and art work and as people experienced healing, both team members and those who came for prayer, they expressed their newfound wholeness in art. It was just wonderful!

Diane McFerrin shares some of her artwork in the video above. She shared with us, how when she was filled with the Holy Spirit she received the gift of praying in tongues. Now as some deep inner healing has taken place, she is praying with a paint brush.

Ministry Team worshiping

The Ministry Team in worship getting ready for the event.

We had Christ-exalting worship led by Steve Scheibe. Steve is also an accomplished painter of silk banners.

Silk Banner

Just one of many silk banners used during Healing Week


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