Thank you for the prayers, hospitality and financial gifts offered for the key leaders from the Anglican Church in Haiti so that they could take part in the Spiritual Leadership Equipping event at the COC!

Dear Intercessors and Donors —

Pere Deravil, Pere Sadoni, and Pere Colbert

Pere Deravil, Pere Sadoni, and Pere Colbert

Pere Deravil, Pere Sadoni, and Pere Colbert experienced the Community of the Cross in Black Mountain, NC for the first time.

It put them in the context of the larger reach of the PRMI ministry with people from Alaska, Canada, Oklahoma, Virginia, North Carolina, England, etc.

Several were Episcopalians.

The content of the Spiritual Leadership course included Three Aspects of Call, Vision and Direction by Brad Long.

Brad spoke from his experiential background and passion for the advancement of the Kingdom of God. (This was the first and wonderful exposure of the priests to Brad Long.)

Also taught were sessions on:

  • knowing yourself (Enneagram of Personality Types),
  • Functional Gifts and Issues of Leadership:
  • How to Express Spiritual Authority,
  • Personal Preparation for Spiritual Leadership,
  • Issues in Discernment
  • How to lead as led by the Holy Spirit,
  • How to Build Teams,
  • Sharing the Vision and Raising Support,
  • Implementing the Dunamis Project.

Besides the teaching interspersed with praying for each other, Cindy Strickler arranged for each priest to have a small team privately pray with him. The other participants warmly included the priests and were very interested in circumstances in Haiti.

The priests reported that they recently had a Dunamis in Haiti for young people. Colbert and Sadoni have a vision for establishing churches in the south of Haiti and have begun to do so. Deravil has a vision for Montrouis to become a conference center. He also honored and spoke of the working with Father Lafontant to begin the Dunamis Project in Haiti.

Father Deravil was invited by an church in Hendersonville, NC to speak on Sunday morning. The priest there told me that the Diocese of Haiti, which is part of the USA Episcopal Church, is the largest diocese in the USA Episcopal Church Communion! Haiti has 80,000 to 90,000 communicants.

Your prayers and your financial support provided more than the respite and encouragement we desired for the priests!

For blessing them I thank you,

Marge Van Meter

P.S. PRMI is still accepting donations for “Haiti Dunamis.” Now gifts will be used to fund the January, 2011 Haiti Dunamis event. And we still need ongoing prayers!  You can donate at this link and mark your gift Haiti Dunmais.

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