Recently the following letter was sent to those attending the Michigan Dunamis Project. We are including it so that you can hear about the progress in the development of the Haiti Dunamis Project (and possibly respond to their needs.)

As the Haitians lead their upcoming Dunamis event, would you consider a gift of money and/or prayer to help them?

We have a joyful opportunity to encourage the development of PRMI friends in the Episcopal Diocese of Haiti. They are growing away from dependence on teachers from the USA and Canada, they successfully presented “Gateways” last year, and are preparing for “In the Spirit’s Power” on March 1-4 this year.

A small US-PRMI team (Marge Van Meter, Debbie and Allen Kemp) will mentor the Haitian priests of the diocesan Evangelism Committee as they direct, teach, intercede, discern, debrief and plan the event.

As with all Dunamis Projects, discussion and prayer are part of the Haitian’s learning process

As with all Dunamis Projects, discussion and prayer are part of the Haitian’s learning process

The priests are grateful for our partnership because they know that the equipping for evangelism that Dunamis provides is what’s needed to make the Diocese’s vision of increased membership and parishes a reality.

They are assuming responsibility for the event, including an ever-increasing share of the funding as they grow in the grace of giving. Last year they funded 10%; the plan is to gradually increase the amount. This is a significant step in PRMI’s long-range plan.

Their proposed budget is $6000, which reflects increased costs in general, and of food and fuel in particular. The facilities need to be cleaned and prepared, the participants transported from all over Haiti, food purchased, cooks paid and meals prepared for the 125 anticipated lay leaders for four days. To have lights for evening sessions, generator gas must be purchased. Travel expenses for the US team will be self-funded, although donations towards airfare are always appreciated.

The most workable date to receive gifts is by Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14, 2014.

Please make your check payable and mail to PRMI, P.O. Box 429, Black Mountain, NC 28711.

Or you may give online by clicking on the DONATE button below. If you prefer to donate by credit card, call Suzi at the PRMI office at 828 669 7373. In all cases, please indicate “Haiti Dunamis Fund.”

If you wish to receive prayer emails, please notify Martin Boardman at and specify “Haiti Team.” Marge Van Meter, PRMI Coordinator for Haiti, can be reached at (734-424-3427) or with questions. Thank you!

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