We have our ways and God has His! This was especially true at our recent leaders meeting in England.

I flew over to meet with the Dunamis Fellowship Britain & Ireland’s leadership team to discern how God is calling us to get organized for taking part in the move of the Holy Spirit that is taking place here.

The Lord truly met us at this meeting. He gave some clear direction about future development.

Just as important, He also called us to a time of dealing with blocks to moving into the future. Most of these had to do with our own sinfulness: communication breakdowns and personality clashes.

By the grace of God we ended up dealing with much of this through intensive listening to each other and to God. There were some healthy times of confession and reconciliation. It was really wonderful to see the Fellowship being a fellowship that is centered in Jesus Christ.

The other thing that happened, or did not happen, was that a scheduled International Dunamis which was to follow the leaders meeting had to be canceled. There were a lot of reasons – the Nigerians who were coming could not get their visas until too late, leaders of ethnic congregations who had promised to be there with their people at the last minute had problems.

But we also need to take some responsibility of perhaps overreaching to start a Dunamis track without enough preparation. Anyway we went to the Lord and asked, “What do we do now?” All the teachers were there, and because Delta had canceled my flight, I was there for a whole extra day. In addition, we did have one ethnic pastor come; he is a leader in the Pakistani Christian Community. So what to do?

Well, the Lord gave us a wonderful leaders’ retreat in which we spent a lot of time in prayer together and also just talking through issues that we face as we are seeking to cooperate with the Holy Spirit in doing Dunamis Equipping Events. It was wonderful! So good, in fact, that we really want to do this on a regular basis in the UK.

Tea Time with the leaders of the London Dunamis track. The weather was awful! Very damp and cold with snow. So, tea at 11:00 am and 4:00 pm was really needed to warm us all up. Besides the tea there was great fellowship as well as sharing together in discerning God’s work.

Brad Long at High Leigh Christian Conference Center outside of London, England. This is where we had the meetings and will be starting the London Dunamis Equipping Track for the ethnic congregations located in London.

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