First we offered…Growing the Church in the Power of the Holy Spirit

For the last few years we have been offering Growing the Church equipping events for pastors and church leaders at the Community of the Cross in the USA, in Guelph, Ontario Canada, and Barnes Close in England. We will continue to offer these events in a variety of places. 

The following are planned for 2013:

  • May 6-11 at the Community of the Cross
  • November 18-22 in Guelph, Ontario, Canada
  • November 25-29 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Check in the future for more information about the Canadian events.

Now we are offering…Growing Your Church in the Power of the Holy Spirit
A New Course for Congregations


From the first time we offered the Growing the Church event, the challenge has been taking it back to the local congregation.  To meet this need we have now developed a video course for use in the congregation.  It is being produced in two parts.  We are presently prototyping  Part 1 of this course in a number of congregations.  If you would like to join in helping us develop these teaching materials by prototyping the course, please contact us.

PRMI ministry staff Jeanne Kraak and Gary Wybenga have a vision and deep commitment to congregations growing! 

If you would like to explore with them how the Holy Spirit may be working in your congregation then please contact us at

To see an overview of resources to help you in growing your church, download the brochure Resources for Growing Your Church.

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