In January 2024 members of the Dunamis Fellowship International gathered in Black Mountain from around the world. It was a wonderful time of worship, prayer, hearing news of how the Holy Spirit has worked in our ministry, and casting vision for what we believe the Lord is calling us to do in the years ahead. We celebrated especially the three core aspects of PRMI’s work, which are like sails that enable us to catch the wind of the Spirit. These are the Dunamis Fellowship International, the Community of the Cross, and the Dunamis Institute.

The DUNAMIS FELLOWSHIP INTERNATIONAL (DFI) is our global community. These are the men and women who have participated in the Dunamis Project and are called by God to take part in mobilizing, equipping, and deploying Holy Spirit-empowered witness for Jesus Christ. It was such a blessing to have large groups come to the DFI this year from the Dunamis Fellowship Korea and the Chinese Double Grace Seminary in New York, as well as participants from places like Britain, Canada, the Czech Republic, Haiti, and across the United States.

It was so encouraging to hear some of the many ways that the Holy Spirit has been poured out, providing guidance, healing inner wounds, and enabling evangelism!

One part of the vision for the DFI is to establish new regional expressions, especially in the United States, so that fresh ministry opportunities can be discerned and developed.

The COMMUNITY OF THE CROSS (COC) is the spiritual home of the DFI and the physical headquarters of PRMI. It was born out of a revelatory vision received more than forty years ago, and is a miracle of God’s provision, as well as a testament to the faith and faithfulness of PRMI and its supporters in pursuing that vision. The COC is a place of encounter with Jesus Christ for prayer, equipping, and sending, and we celebrated the amazing ways this took place during the past year.

We cast the vision for future development at the COC for a purpose-built Operations Center that would instantly free up accommodations for up to eight more people to stay on-site during events, and additional housing units would be even more helpful. A Chaplain for the COC could provide spiritual support for individuals and events, grow connections with nearby churches, and be a hospitable presence. The administrative support for PRMI would be greatly enhanced by having another person in the office at the COC.

The DUNAMIS INSTITUTE (DI) calls, equips and resources anointed teachers and leaders in the Dunamis Fellowship. All our equipping events and teaching materials are curated and developed by the DI, and all of our teachers and leadership teams are equipped through the DI’s work. The vision, now, is to establish a team of people who will continue to develop the manuals and resources; who will enhance the training and equipping and raise up new teachers; and who will develop and implement a good model for online learning and resourcing.

These developments will need the operational support through anointed administrators. Everything we do will need to be born out of prayer and be supported and sustained by prayer. And ultimately it all serves to create contexts in which people can be empowered by the Holy Spirit to be witnesses to Jesus Christ!

Paul Stokes describing the ‘three sails’ of PRMI’s ministry at the DFI in January of 2024.

In this edition of Moving with the Spirit, we are going to focus especially on the Dunamis resources and people that are at the core of PRMI’s teaching.

Growing the Dunamis Project: Wider and Deeper

Hundreds of pastors saw their ministries transformed in the 1990s after PRMI’s first Dunamis Project was launched at Lake George, New York. Since then, thousands of people have discovered the living reality of the Holy Spirit and learned to cooperate with him to advance the Kingdom of God.

The theology and practices at the heart of the Dunamis Project are foundational for all PRMI’s work – they shape the way that we operate, and they underpin all our teaching. It is a treasure that we want to share with others.

This brings two challenges: breadth, and depth! How can we make this teaching more widely accessible and minimize the barriers to entry (breadth)? And how do we grow the leaders and teachers who will faithfully embody this teaching and pass it on to others (depth)? We are making exciting progress in both these ways!

Breadth– Going Wider!

We have three great programs that open wide the doors for more and more people to encounter Jesus through dynamic outpourings of the Holy Spirit. Operating in different settings, all of these are part of Preparing the Altar and then Igniting the Fire by preparing the people and creating the contexts where the Father graciously pours out His Holy Spirit.

Debbie Kemp teaching Ignite! at Venice Presbyterian Church


We have re-launched the Ignite! program under the leadership of Allen and Debbie Kemp. Ignite! events take place over a weekend, usually based in a church, and introduce people to the person and work of the Holy Spirit using key concepts from the Dunamis Project. The events are tailored to the needs of the local church and include worship, personal prayer ministry, small group interaction, and prayer exercises.

It is such a joy to hear of how an Ignite! event has blessed and built up a congregation. For some people Ignite! is also a stepping stone that leads them to participate in the full Dunamis Project and be equipped to cooperate with the Holy Spirit.

The ripple effects of the Ignite! weekend continues to impact our worship, our prayer ministry, our relationships, and our mission. To God be the glory! -Pastor Will Reinmuth, All Souls Church, New York

Ignite! participants praying blessings for their pastor


Dunamis Basics

Another exciting adaptation is Dunamis Basics, a condensed introduction to four of the Dunamis Project courses. It was developed by James Kearny and is designed primarily for engaging with an online audience. A series of short, professionally filmed 10 to 15 minute videos outline the basic content of the Dunamis Project. These are supported by an attractive new handbook with teaching notes, prayer exercises, and group discussions as an integral part of the study course.

Because the course is online it is accessible anywhere in the world. Sometimes people who have participated in the Dunamis Project are using Dunamis Basics as a helpful way to revisit and refresh what they learned, or to introduce others to this teaching.

Paul Stokes with James Kearny, developer of Dunamis Basics


Dunamis Essentials

The Dunamis Essentials course is being pioneered by our Dunamis Fellowship Northwest (United States) regional expression to present Dunamis as a live event for an online community. The team, teachers, and intercessors required to run these events are similar to those for the ‘classic’ Dunamis Project. However, they have the added challenges of working in an online setting, especially in recognizing and responding to Kairos moments. The course takes place in the evening over several days, culminating with a Saturday morning and afternoon, so the teachers have a slightly shorter time-frame in which to work.

Nevertheless, we have seen genuine community built online. People have testified: “I felt the Lord tell me to pray for the participants to receive the Holy Spirit and ask for gifts.” “The Lord gave me a picture and scripture to share.” And “I was really blessed by the Spirit.” We are thrilled to know that people are having the opportunity to grow in understanding, encountering, and cooperating with the Holy Spirit in this online environment!

Depth– Going Deeper!

Great events happen and lives are transformed when our leaders and teachers can create contexts where the Holy Spirit is poured out, so equipping them for their unique role is a crucially important task.

Teaching workshop in the PRMI Prayer House during Exousia


Exousia: Equipping for Spiritual Leadership

Exousia is our leadership training program where the people who deliver the Dunamis Project and other PRMI events are nurtured deeper in their roles. We look at what it means to be in spiritual leadership and the rewards and challenges that go with that calling. Some of the most valuable teaching focuses on the dynamics of interpersonal relationships, teamwork, and the unique responsibilities that accompany each of the different leadership team roles. We also explore the distinctive challenges of leading and teaching the content of each Dunamis Project. Continuing to pour ourselves into the lives of new leaders will be a key factor in seeing a growing number of Dunamis events taking place!

One recent participant from Exousia wrote:

It was a great joy to see you and your staff empowered by Jesus to pass on what you learned to your fellow co-workers in Christ. You did embody what you teach! The content and the teachers were amazing, the worship was perfect, and the prayer intercessors held back the enemy so that we could learn and grow!

Participants praying before teaching at Exousia


Teacher Training

Last year we were also pleased to launch an initiative to elevate the skills and knowledge of our Teachers and Apprentice Teachers. The new course explores the “why” and “how” behind each topic, delves into the rationale and key concepts underlying each subject, and considers the purposes and practicalities of lab times. Our goal is to foster a deeper understanding, growing a team of Teachers who excel at handling our materials and can work well alongside diverse leadership teams.

We ran two of these events last year. One focused on Dunamis Projects #3 (Prayer), #4 (Healing), and #5 (Spiritual Warfare). The second looked at Dunamis Projects #1 (Gateways) and #2 (In the Spirit’s Power). From 2024 onwards we will be holding one Teacher Training event and one Exousia event at the COC each year. We look forward to the growth that will take place in the lives of the attendees and the greater impact that PRMI will have because of their anointed service!

Pauline Eyles and Brad Long equipping teachers


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