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All believers are called to do the work of prayer and intercession.

Jesus instructed us to pray, “thy kingdom come” in the Lord’s prayer.  Doing so is the work of intercession.

Some believers are particularly gifted and called for the work of intercession, but all of us can become better equipped in the area of prayer and intercession.

Whether you are just trying to understand and grow your personal prayer life, or you are looking to engage in the work of high-level spiritual warfare intercession, there are opportunities for you to be equipped for ministry.

Six Week Class Foundations for Kingdom Intercession

Intercessory prayer is our primary power tool in the kingdom of God.

In His sovereign grace, God has chosen to build and advance his kingdom rule through Divine-human cooperation.

As you understand this dynamic, you will see how you have a vital role to play in building the kingdom of God through the work of intercession.

In Foundations for Kingdom Intercession Video Course, you will explore how to be equipped and empowered by the Holy Spirit to join with Jesus in prayer for the advancement of God’s kingdom.

In this course you will learn:

  • How to respond when the Lord calls you into intercession
  • How to understand and discern your place of intercession
  • How to prepare for spiritual battle and the work of intercession
  • Seven principles of prayer that shape the future
  • How the enemy seeks to block kingdom advancement through strongholds
  • How strongholds form
  • Strategies and tactics for dealing with strongholds.

This online moderated course requires participants to review teaching videos ahead of a weekly class discussion.

Dates of the course run for six weeks, starting on March 21st to May 2nd at 4pm (EST). There is no class on Easter Sunday.

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