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Jesus invites us to participate in His healing ministry. While Dunamis Project Units 4 and 5 address the subject, you may want to go much further in your understanding of how to cooperate with the Holy Spirit in healing ministry.

Video Course Information

This is your access to the video pre-work and group phone call.

Dates of group phone call: September 18, 2021, 9am-12pm Edmonton time.

Theological Foundation of Healing Ministry

Read Let Jesus Heal Your Hidden Wounds, chapters 1-3.


  1. Why is understanding the theological foundation important?  What did you find helpful or significant? 
  2. What are the six ways we see Jesus healing and restoring?  How have you seeing God’s healing your life, family and community? Name the types you have experienced: spiritual, emotional, relational, etc.
  3. Which of the 6 ways are you excited to learn about and/or feel that the Lord is calling you to do? 
  4. Why is cooperating with the Holy Spirit essential?

The Role of Listening: Personal Devotion and Assignment

Healing is the work of the Jesus Christ and our role is to cooperate with what He is doing. In scripture, we see a variety of ways that God speaks (words of scripture, mental words/images, dreams and nudges).

Listening to God is a discipline that we are called to consistently practice and grow in. 

Set aside at least 30 minutes to read this passage below and to practice listening. 

Read: Luke 8:40-56

  • What words or phrases from this passage jump out to you? 
  • Is there is a character that you are drawn to/identify with? 
  • Put yourself in their shoes; what would it have been like to experience these events?
  • What is Jesus is speaking to you?

Three Phases of Healing

Read Let Jesus Heal Your Hidden Wounds, chapters 4-7.

Recommended additional reading, chapters 8-9.

Watch teaching on the “Three Phases of Healing” part one and two. 

There will be a second group call that will focus on generational healing, Saturday, October 2nd, from 9-12pm (Edmonton time). Please complete your genogram before this call. There is no video viewing ahead required.

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