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The course has two parts:

1.  Part A: Online – reviewing background, history, and core principles of ministry in PRMI in preparation for 3 online meetings for discussion.

2.  Part B: On site – an intense few days together of practical teaching, worship, and prayer ministry, where we focus on practical skills to lead PRMI events.  You’ll cover practical topics like

  • How to teach as led by the Holy Spirit (including experience of actually doing this at the Spiritual Leadership Course)
  • Personal and Spiritual preparation for teaching – knowing oneself
  • How to discern and act in kairos moments
  • How to move from theory/content/teaching into practice (lab time, exercises, prayer)
  • How to lead people into prayer to be filled with the Holy Spirit
  • How to function as a team to create the context where the Holy Spirit can work
  • How to understand and work with your audience/participants – how to work with people with learning styles that differ from yours and also with diverse personalities
  • How to identify and grow in an area of expertise in your teaching
  • How to share the vision and take up an offering for PRMI
  • How to conduct a debrief (understand the place of debrief in the Dunamis teaching and have opportunities to practice debriefing and getting feedback on the process)

This is your access to Part A, the video pre-work and group phone call that will be August 14, 2021.

Part B is the in-person event at Victory Bible Camp in Sutton, AK, and will be Sept 22-26. You’ll need to register for that separately.

“Exousia gave me an even better understanding of the Dunamis DNA and it helped me place the parts and pieces of Dunamis Projects in their places with understanding of the ‘whys’… There were also moments of ministry that have helped me make some important personal, ministry decisions.”

Rev. Earl Rutledge

How to Register: Part A of Exousia

Follow links under the image above to “enroll in this group” to access the course materials.

If it says “Login to Enroll” follow that process, return to this page, and then choose “enroll in this group.”

Be sure to view the required videos prior to attending the online event on August 14, 2021. Access to the video call will be sent at a later date.

How to Register: Part B of Exousia

Part B is the in-person portion of Exousia. The required prerequisite for this course is to receive an invitation from the DI Dean of Faculty, along with the completion of Part A.

Registration is not yet open but is almost ready.

It was world view expanding. I saw that PRMI is a lot bigger than I thought – just seeing that God’s kingdom work is a lot bigger than I realized.

Anthony M

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